Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm just sayin'... this was written for me :)

Here's the link:

Abandon Resolutions. Stop looking for a soulmate. Reject Positive Thinking... Our new year issue kicks off with advice on how to be a better person in 2011 (and it's not what you think!)

How have I done so far:

1. Abandon your new year resolutions - today
Well, since I never made any,
I am good to go with this one!

2. Stop Looking for your soulmate
Oh yes. Right now the only thing on my
"list of qualifications in my future husband" is
"must be male" :)
Very much downsized the list since
I made it in Young Womens!

3. Overhaul your information diet (but don't starve)
I'm OK with this... I think... but it does suck you in! Why do I care that someone's eating a sandwich for lunch and feels the need to tell the world about it?! Becoming more conscious of how much time I spend on it... but there is always room for improvement.

4. Self-improvement - Track your personal data
This is one I want to start doing.
Where does my day go?

5. Volunteer
Need to do more, but I already volunteer in the kids school during the week and try to when opportunities come up in my church. But, always can do more.

6. Reject Positive Thinking
I semi-agree with this one. I agree with the work ethic in that sometimes you "just need to do it" and not wait till you feel like it because I never feel like shoveling my car out, but I can only procrastinate so long. However, the only way I can finish a run sometimes is to tell myself over and over in my head "I can do this. I am almost there!" (Even if it's a lie... but hey, it keeps me going and I say it over and over so it kind of becomes like a song!) Positive Thinking can be beneficial, but I can also see how it can be damaging. Depends on the situation. But, I am not going to reject it completely.

7. Make dinner, make furniture, make effort
I TOTALLY agree with this one except when it comes to cooking. I usually feel like I've conquered the world when I assemble a piece of furniture or work hard at something. But, the feeling does not come with cooking. Sorry, I've tried. I have felt slight satisfaction when I am cooking for someone else... but never for just myself. How can I change that one?? Any ideas?

8. Don't take frugality too far
Totally agree with this one as well. Life is passing quickly and if I don't take the opportunity now... when is it going to be a better time to let's say... jump out of a plane! Or, go in a hot air balloon! I'm never going to regret leaving work early one day... but I can think of many things I will look back on and regret if I don't do them!

9. Befriend your friends' friends
Totally agree with this one as well... working on it

10. Creativity - make one small change to your workplace
Have a plan for this and I need to implement it! Since I don't have an "office space" and can't change the family's house... I'll focus on my living space. My roommate gave me an old desk. I have the primer and sand paper to start refurbishing it... but keep putting it off! I'll go back and read numbers 6 & 7 now.

So, maybe this post will be my new years resolution (which I won't abandon!)... and I'll report how I did next December. Here we go 2011!