Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween FUN!

I'll confess. This is not my most favorite holiday. I love it because the kids get so excited.. and pumpkin carving can be fun! But I hate how much society has turned the costumes for girls into sleazy outfits and a lot of the blood and gore that comes with it.

Sometimes, it seems like this holiday goes on for forever! Kids start talking about costumes and candy in September, then the pumpkin carving starts in October... and then again in mid-October because the pumpkins rot, more Halloween decorating, and parties and parades even before the big day! This year was no different, but more fun for me because I was more involved in the action of it all with the kids!

Leo had off on Friday so he and I made homemade doughnuts (thanks to a post by Emily with the recipe a few weeks ago!! ) and then we went to Jeremiah's pre-school Halloween parade! I had never been to one before and couldn't believe they actually went and paraded around the neighborhood... but they did! They had people lining the streets to hand out candy and the kids put on quite a show with all their costumes! The weather was cloudy and damp... but at least not raining!

I don't think Jeremiah really understood what was going on either, but was happy to get the candy!
Jeremiah - The Astronaut
Here's a picture of his "Frog Class". They could not sit still to get one good picture!
Jeremiah looks thoroughly bored in the back.
After the parade, I took Leo, Jeremiah and Leo's friend Walter to Cox Farm. There they have this huge festival with 6 or 7 giant slides, a hayride, a corn maze, petting zoo, crafts, a rope swing, and food everywhere! It was a ton of fun and the boys LOVED it!
Jeremiah on the volcano slide... was a little hesitant at first because of the "haunted noises" coming from the volcano... but he was happy when he got on the slide!

It took a lot of convincing to get Jeremiah to pet this goat! He was TERRIFIED of them and clung to my pants for the first ten minutes we were in the caged area. Understandably so because they were about his same height! But, I slowly warmed him up to the idea and I petted the goat first. Since the goat didn't move, he thought it would be OK too! Now you can see a smile on his face in this picture...
This was the coolest thing we saw in the cornmaze.
Can you see what's missing? How do they do that?
We stood and looked for about ten minutes and could not figure it out!
A HUGE pig... although picture doesn't capture that!
My little buddy and the pig!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My little Buddy's 4th Birthday

I can NOT believe Jeremiah just turned 4! I remember getting a call when he was just born.... and now it's been 4 years!

I have to say that I remember his first two months of life were VERY trying. He just screamed and screamed. Nothing would console him or quiet him down at any hour of the day. Maybe that was just a test for his parents (and all those within ear-shot) that if they could make it through those two months, the rest of their lives would be filled with the JOY this sweet, caring, loving, and kind little boy would bring into their lives!

I call him "my little buddy" as we have spent countless hours together since birth. There's never a dull moment when he's around and he knows how to give the best hugs and to say the nicest things to warm your heart. He sees the bright side of life and just wants to please you!

For his 4th birthday, he wanted a Halloween party. So, about 15 of his friends came dressed in costume on a BEAUTIFUL fall day in Washington DC. It was perfect weather for a sweet celebration! Here are some of the pics...

A spaceman looking down on his big cake!!

"Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!"
Ooopppsss... I bought the candle and I didn't realize they were TRICK candles!!
That's what you get for going birthday party shopping at a Halloween store!
Mom's trying to help... :)...
until we realized they were TRICK CANDLES!!
Cecilia (his sister) and Daniella are DYING to get some!
My favorite picture of all.

I could give him hugs and kisses forever!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So many knots to untie...

Well, since nothing exciting is happening in my life I am going to post another quote that has significant meaning to me! This one I just re-read from Elder Boyd K. Packer's conference talk... and it speaks volumes to me! Will I ever learn??

With thoughtless and impatient hands
We tangle up the plans
The Lord hath wrought.
And when we cry in pain He saith,
“Be quiet, man, while I untie the knot.”

Author unknown, in Jack M. Lyon and others, eds., Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People (1996), 304.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My new self-esteem booster quote

Some days I just need this:

"If they are too feeble-minded to see how miraculous you are, they would not be smart enough for you anyway."

Where was this quote when I started dating? :)

Sadly, it's still applicable to my dating scene... that is, if I went on dates! In the meantime, I know there are other situations I can apply it to!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting on with it... my life, that is!

Today, I was rereading some of the talks from last General Conference in preparation for this weekend's conference.

This story caught my mind and my heart:

"During the very early years of her life, our niece Lachelle spent the mornings with her grandmother. The two shared a special bond from these hours together. Lachelle soon turned five years old and was preparing to begin school. On their last morning together, Grandma Squire read her granddaughter a story and rocked her in the big rocking chair. “We have had so much fun together, Lachelle,” she told her, “and now it is time for you to go to school. I love you so much; what will I ever do without you?”

With wisdom beyond her five years, Lachelle looked up at her grandmother with big brown eyes. “Grandma,” she said, “I love you too, but it is time I got on with my life.”"

link to talk :,5232,23-1-1032-25,00.html

This story struck me for two reasons... 1. I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother before I went to school and after school as well. I shared a love and memories of jelly beans and dolls with her that I will never forget!... 2. My thoughts have been in my own life recently "Am I getting on with my life?... or am I stuck?"

I know I was stuck in Boston, so in a way this move has been part of what I needed... but I feel that I am still stuck in the "comfortable and familiar" and I am not sure how to change. Or, it's more like "the heart is wanting... but the flesh is weak."

I am also of the belief that we can either choose to change on our own, or we're compelled to if we ignore the need to change. I fear this compelled change is sooner rather than later in my life.

I think fear and lackage of faith are my biggest hold-ups. "Grandmother’s lap is ...more comfortable than the trials of kindergarten." President Thomas S. Monson has counseled us that “faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other” (“Come unto Him in Prayer and Faith,Liahona and Ensign, Mar. 2009, 6).... and there's definitely FEAR in my mind! Keeping an eternal perspective is also very challenging for me.

So, where do I go from here? Recognition is first step, right? Then, I think comes prayer, fasting an temple worship... and listening to the prophet's words.

What GREAT timing for GENERAL CONFERENCE this weekend!