Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Say Yes to Love"

I was introduced to this video this week 
and it made me so happy I started to cry! 

There is SOOOOOO much LOVE in it! 

From the proposal to ALL of their friends and family
near and far
participating in it!

And the song they sing has such a wonderful, but simple, message.

The refrain goes:
It was the best day of my life
‘Cause ever since you everything’s right
Yea, the best days of my life are all ahead
‘Cause we both said yes to love
Yes to love, yes to love, yes to love,
The best day

Just Wow!

What a great example for all of us. 

It makes me think...
I try and fill my life with many good good things
Many, many, tangible good things


In the end 
(aside from our Relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ)
All that matters is our relationships with 
our husband/wife
extended family
and all those we come in contact with who touch our hearts

The rest if just "stuff"

So, one of my new "focuses" or goals for 2013
is to say


And, if you liked the video above
they just made this one for Valentines Day 2013
Just as AWESOME!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Jill!

This weekend was really fun. Some outlet shopping, a movie ("The Impossible"... really, really good - but OH man... It made me cry!), dinner with friends and a really fun birthday party!

Celebrating Jill!
She's also a 1980's baby :)

 Her favorite color is blue... almost ALL the food was blue or dyed blue
This cake was made from scratch... white chocolate with blue frosting. 
White Chocolate anything is YUM!
 The Beautiful Birthday Girl
Wearing Blue, of course!
 I like this picture of me... so I posted it. I really liked my outfit...
Call me vain... I don't care! It's so infrequent that I actually take thought in to
what I wear... so this was a big step for me. I even accessorized!
 Jared, Jay & Jill
The J's!
 Amelia & Jill
 Jared & Jill
Jared must be looking at the yummy cake on the counter!
 Lots of fire :)
 Jill& I

Such a fun night with good friends, blue food, and lots of laughs

I also wanted to post a few pictures from my last morning in CO. I was up early and took pictures out their backdoor. It was so pretty. SO COLD though. You can kind of see the steam coming off the lakes behind them. But, I miss the views... CO is gorgeous! I'll defend the east for it's history and culture till the day I die, but UT and CO win hands down for beauty!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some things that bring me JOY recently :)

Some of the recent joy in my life has been from seeing pictures of my nieces, actually spending a week with my nephews in CO, and watching the kids I work for accomplish some pretty big things!

Here's a summary... Holland - In the snow for the first time! Just so happens it was during the NEMO Blizzard in Boston this past weekend. Not bad for a first-timer! Although I'd love to be with Holland, I was super glad to not be in Boston for this storm! 3 feet! My word!!

I love, love, love this picture of Evan and Mary.
 Ava & Jed graduated to purple belt!
They worked long and hard for it!
 And, now to CO times with my nephews. I should have taken more pictures here, but we've had fun watching Riley play in his basketball games, playing card games, playing in the yard (we've done a lot of playing) and other fun stuff. CO is beautiful! I love it here... but I also love Riley and Jace.

So, as a surprise I took them, and Jace's friend Ben, to see a play based on the book "How I became a Pirate!" They loved it and I loved it too! Such a cute production and the perfect length of time for them - one hour. On our way out we got pictures... this one is the boys with "Jeremy" the main character who's the boy in the book and wants to become a real pirate!
 Then, this one if Riley and Ben with Max, one of the pirates! 
It was awesome!
I love life in Fort Collins. It's not as rushed as DC or the east coast... and the scenery with the lakes, the mountains and everything else is breathtaking! It's been semi-warm too so we walk to and from school and play outside a lot in February! Love it!!!

It's been an exciting few weeks filled with lots of joys in watching and being a part of the lives of children!