Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

I love St. Patrick's day! Even though I am only a little bit Irish (despite my last name!) I love celebrating this holiday. Love the idea that you can get pinched if not wearing green... love the music and Irish Dancing... Love how jolly it makes people... love the candied Irish potatoes (so bad for you, but soooo yummy!)...Love, Love, Love cabbage (my mom would totally laugh right now in complete agreement! One of her favorite stories about me is how I managed to bring a cabbage on a cruise to Alaska with us!... long story... but I DO love cabbage!)

Anyway - I was very excited to attend this event and it didn't disappoint!

Mer and I actually parked in a great location so that we had to walk through the staging area to get to the starting point. We took some pictures along the way.

 These girls were adorable! 
And they all had these wigs on with the tight Irish curls. Awesome!!

 I just wanted to get out there and dance with this guy!
 But, really just wanted one of these cars too!
 Behind us, while we were watching the parade, these guys were practicing. I left my spot to go watch them. They were awesome! Reminded me of my friend's dad who played and we would sit and listen to him. Love this music.

 Then, down the street there were these leprechaun piano players... playing everything from Journey to pop music on the piano. Hilarious. They were really quite good!
The frog and the rabbit were a nice touch to their piano playing. They cracked me up with their dance moves!

 It was FREEZING!!! But, before we left to grab some lunch I had to get a picture with one of the participants. I told him my last name was Fitzpatrick and he told me he used to date someone with that last name! So, I just needed to get a picture with my ex-boyfriend. Awesome :)
Such a fun event and a fun day. Can't say I was too sad to go back inside and warm up at the end, but it was so fun to be able to be a part of it!