Sunday, July 25, 2010

What am I really accomplishing?

What will I think is one of my greatest accomplishments when I am 80?

That the counters were clean and that I was very diligent in checking my news feed on facebook once a day?

I think not.

Good article to remind me what's most important!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WOOT!!!! WOOT!!!! I got a job!!!!!

YIPPEEE! Today I got a job offer and it felt SO right to accept it!

"Things work out. they always do" is a quote I say to myself everyday, but sometimes the faith and belief is a little (or majorly lacking!)

I have been so blessed with every job I've ever had (truly)... from Chopsticks in the Cougareat (where I worked with my roommate), Marketplace cafe (where I got to work with my best friend! and talk to cute business students, to F.A.R.M.S (where I met so many amazing people, to the Belfer Center (which led me to Juliette), to the past incredible 5 years working for their family while earning my masters degree and then working as a school counselor. It is because of them providing me the opportunity to move down here and had such a fabulous year... and now it is because of them that I have my new job!!

Up until a month ago I would have told you I was only looking for school counselor jobs for the fall. Yes, I enjoy school counseling, but as I thought about this past year I realized how much MORE I loved my days with the kids! It was like I wasn't even working I enjoyed the days so much (mostly!) Well, thinking I couldn't make enough to live off of what a nanny makes, I had it in the back of my mind as a fallback for a job in case I didn't get a school counseling one. I knew I would do whatever I had to do to make ends meet.

Well, I ferociously applied for all school counseling jobs I saw in the past three months, but the number of jobs offered was SIGNIFICANTLY less than any other year I've seen. People are not retiring and schools are watching the budgets and counselors are not as essential as teachers!

So, about a month ago I was talking to a friend who hated her current job and hated to go to work. Of course, not being in the situation, I thought the solution was simple. QUIT and find something that makes your happy! Do you really want to do something you hate for the next 30 years?! Easier said than done.

BUT, as I thought about it, I realized this is what I was doing. I LIKED school counseling, but I didn't LOVE it! I LOVE nannying! So, I thought I'd give it a try while still pursuing the school counseling thing. I got lots of interviews with families by word of mouth... and I applied to a few local agencies. I feel like I have interviewed with almost any type of family dynamic and have witnessed a lot of parenting styles. I quickly determined I was going to be picky because I didn't want just ANY nanny job, I wanted to enjoy the kids and feel like I could have a good working relationship with the parents because you really do almost become like a member of their family!

I was sad to see how many parents were so "hands off" with their kids. Even if they got home early one day from work, they didn't want to get involved with the kids until they had been fed and bathed and ready for bed. Only then could the nanny step back and let them put their kids to bed. Or, how many times I saw a child ask mom or dad for help to get their attention, but they just kept saying "in a minute" while they were on their blackberry's and that minute never came. Or, one family told me that they call their nanny "mom" because that's what she really is to them.

These families were not for me. I wanted parents who realized the value of having a nanny, but also realized their role as parents and that when they are home they WANT to be involved with their kids! I also wanted a family that was very open about communication and expectations, but provided the nanny with flexibility and trusted her... NOT hovering or being a helicopter parent. I wanted a family that had set rules and expectations for kids, limited the yelling as much as possible and tried positive, proactive discipline. Also, I didn't want to work 60 hours a week in order to make ends meet.

I knew this would be hard to find... and I was about to settle for a family which would have been OK, but they didn't meet all of my ideals above and I would have had to be a live-in... which i wasn't too thrilled about either)

BUT, THEN!!!! Juliette mentioned to me last weekend that she had just found out her friend was looking for a new nanny. My style is to not at least pursue every avenue till I know it's a NO, so I said I would love to meet with them! On Wed, Juliette's neighbor called me (who I know very well) and told me she's best friends with this mom and just emailed them a recommendation for me. She said I would be a fool to not work for them!! :)

I met with the mom yesterday morning and was pleased with what they were looking for in a nanny and it also seemed like they valued their nanny more than many families I interviewed with. After our conversation we agreed that I would come to meet her husband and the kids today.

Well, I spent two hours with them today and was impressed with their family from the moment I walked in the door! I had a string feeling that this was the right job for me (if they felt the same in return and offered it to me!)

I start the Monday after I get back from my Alaskan Cruise and I just feel SO BLESSED and so fortunate. I can't wait to see what this new opportunity brings!! And, I also have Juliette to thank for it! And, the Lord too :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never say Never... My first earthquake!!

So, I never thought DC would have as bad as a winter as we has this year. But, even more so, I would have placed a bet that DC would never have an earthquake that I could actually feel!!

(Yes, I know anyone on the west coast can laugh their way through this post as you would probably sleep right through it as being an everyday experience!!)

But, at 5 AM Friday morning (July 16th!) I was in my first earthquake! I had spent the night at Juliette's and I woke up and literally thought the boys were RUNNING like crazy through the house at 5 AM (which they never do, but I wouldn't put it past them :) It seemed to only be for about 20 sec., but I felt the house walls shaking. It also sounded like a plane was going to land in our front yard, a train going through our front yard, or there was an explosion outside (all thoughts I didn't want to have at 5 AM). I did think for a minute if that's what an earthquake might feel like, but then realized I was in the basement and everything would topple on me, so I quickly tried to forget that thought...

But, I was right! My very first (and what I hope to be ONLY) earthquake! No damage... the best kind of earthquake if we must have one!

And, as a funny side note... there were emails sent around about what to do if you are in an earthquake and the suggestion for those who were in bed sleeping was to put a pillow over your face. Somehow, to me, being in the basement, I didn't think a pillow was going to help much if the entire house came crumbling down on me. But, maybe it would. I'd rather not test it out though!!