Sunday, April 26, 2009

And, the decission is...

The picture might give it away, but if not... to keep the suspense, here is a hint as to where I am moving for the summer:

The city's
motto is "Justitia Omnibus" (meaning "Justice For All")

City Nicknames are: Capital Of Miserable Huts, City In A Forest, City Of A Thousand Thrills, Gas House Of The Nation, Mud Hole City, Second Rome, Grand Metropolis

Now, I think "Grand Metropolis, and 2nd Rome are a bit of a stretch... but I liked some of the other nicknames :)

DRUM ROLL, please.


I knew this was a likely possibility in Dec/Jan., but I told myself that I was not going to make any final decision until I spent time there over my April vacation (where all the public schools in MA close for one week). It didn't take long for me to decide after arriving there that Washington D.C. was the place for me from mid June to at least August. I have my summer employment lined up and I am excited to live in a different area for a while. I have a few friends already there, but I am very excited to make new friends and explore a new area during the long, warm, days of summer. My list has already started with places I want to visit and things I want to see! Who knows... maybe I'll even get to pet the Obama's new dog "Bo" :)

Picture is of the Cherry Blossom trees in DC!

My new favorite quote... and a book recommendation

So, recently I asked some friends and family members for book recommendations. I want to pass on this recommendation to ANYONE who wants to read a book that makes the reader ask themselves some tough questions about what it means to be a good parent, sister, or person... what is morally correct in making some life v. death medical questions... and ultimately, what would you do if you were in the same situation.

From the moment I started reading this book, I never wanted to put it down. And, as I have now finished, I still haven't come to my own conclusions as to what I would do if faced with the same moral/ethical questions.

On another note, near the end of the story I found my new favorite quote. Two of the characters are talking about what it means to love someone. There's drama throughout the story that builds up to this point, but one of the characters ends her comments with
"You don't LOVE someone because they're perfect. You LOVE them in SPITE of the FACT that they are NOT perfect."

Right now, in my single life I needed that reminder. There is the ever-continuous debate among single people about finding the "perfect" person. or the "perfect match" for us, and whether that's a worthy pursuit or not. I am of the firm belief that it's not. Logically, I KNOW this to be true, but my actions don't always coincide with what I KNOW. Stupid, huh. Whether I am being too judgemental or even, sadly, looking for things that are wrong, I keep doing it while knowing that they cold have a feast day pointing out all of my flaws. Totally illogical behavior on my part. Quotes like these are good reminders and steer me back in the right direction!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A bone to pick...

I have a HUGE bone to pick with any driver who goes through a toll on the East Coast and does NOT have a transponder. Why, oh why, would you NOT get a FASTLANE or an EZPASS? It's free. You can monitor your account online. It sits on your windshield and is hidden by your Rear view mirror. See???!!!

Another BIG REASON: You don't have to wait in line at the tolls!!! That's the thing I don't understand. WHY WOULD ONE choose to SIT and WAIT when you're driving on the highway... where the point is to go fast and get to your destination? I DON'T understand!!! It's FREE! (can you sense my frustration??)

Yesterday, I drove from Boston to PA. BECAUSE of all the people who do NOT have a transponder, I had to wait in long lines because these people get in the Fastlane to try and scoot up on the toll, but then block those of us who ARE SMART and HAVE GOTTEN a pass. IT was VERY frustrating. Why? Why would anyone not get a transponder? This is something I don't understand, but would really, really like to. So, please comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions and help me UNDERSTAND!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call me Martha...

(Disclaimer 1: picture might not actually represent what mine looks like)

Martha Stewart, that is. Well, the Martha before she went to jail for immoral actions.

I don't know what inspired me. Maybe it was having a three-day weekend where we had Friday off instead of Monday (those three day weekends aren't as good as having the Friday off because you have fun on Friday and think that the next day is Sunday, but NO, you have one more day to play!) Well, yesterday I played and it was fun! It was a beautiful day in Boston and spring was in the air. I went with a good friend to the Wrentham outlets and LOVED it! I had success in finding what I was looking for and just soaked in the sun as we walked outside! Then, I went to the temple with two other friends and it just topped off a perfect day.

But, back to Martha. So, today I got a burst of energy and decided to do spring cleaning. I went through all my clothes and "stuff", organized and THREW out. I am not my mother's daughter in that sense. The less stuff, the better. I do keep some sentimental things, but I am not a person who will keep something in case I'll use it "some day"... cause I've learned that "someday" almost never comes... and if it does I've forgotten I've saved it anyway! (or I just can't find it!!) I even went through my 72 hour kit and replaced stuff that will expire!

Well, after organizing everything, I went to the kitchen, took a deep breath and got started! I am NOT A COOK in anyway, shape or form. My roommates laugh/are disgusted by what I usually eat on the run. But, I was prepared today. I had gotten off recipes and was ready to go!

In three hours (which actually passed rather quickly while listening to my ipod) I made (and cleaned up from... which prob took one hour of the 3 hours!)
Biscuits (for Easter dinner tomorrow)
Jam-filled muffins (again, for Easter dinner)
Chicken Pot Pie (from scratch!!)
Banana-Chocolate chip bread (mom's specialty)
... and what I am MOST proud of

(Disclaimer 2: picture might not actually represent what mine looks like)

ICED OATMEAL APPLESAUCE COOKIES. Mostly because the recipe came from Martha's website. They're beautiful and taste yummy too! I like the extra touch of the drizzled on icing. Of course mine look exactly like hers do :)

But, now I am exhausted. It's nap time. I don't know how people do things like I did today more than once a year :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

100 Days

For those of you who watch CNN or some of the other news stations, you know that they have been keeping track of Obama's first 100 days in office. To me, this seems a little silly. Personal political views aside... my thinking is "Give this guy some time!" But, 100 days it is.

Well, I am a succor for reading "how to" or self-help" books! Mainly because I know I have so many things I need to improve on in my life and I figure reading these books will inspire me in new ways. Give me hope that it is possible, I guess! Anyway, I was excited about one of the challenges given to an individual in the book and I am going to do it too. It's the concept of 100 days.

I am the type who always makes New Year resolutions... and by February I have forgotten what they were for the most part. So, I'll do it again... and the pattern continues. I think the concept of working on something for a year is too long and I just can't grasp it. So, how about 100 days! What can I accomplish in 100 days? No, What can I REALLY accomplish in 100 days? Let's put it to the test. It's only 100 days. I can focus on something for 100 days. Starting tomorrow.

And, this is especially pertinent for me after having spent the weekend listening to talks from my church leaders in what my religion calls "General Conference". I LOVE these two weekends we have each year. It's always relaxing and refreshing to hear inspired counsel and to learn more from those I truly admire, revere, respect and LOVE! I feel very inspired and motivated to implement some of the things that came to mind as I listened this weekend. Here goes... "What will I accomplish in the next 100 days because of the power that is available to me as I draw closer to the Savior than I ever have before?"

100 days from tomorrow is: July 14!! By that time, I'll be somewhere for the summer, at least, and most likely NOT in Boston. A lot of changes in my life are possible over the next few months so this test will be a good one for me. 100 days... here we go.

I wonder if CNN will be as interested in my 100 days as they are in Obama? :)