Monday, October 13, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Yep. As of today I do declare the Ringling Brothers "The Greatest Show on Earth!" It was fascinating. I remember going with my dad and brothers during the summer in Rhode Island. They would come to town around the day of my birthday so I always thought I was a little extra special being able to go to the circus for my birthday! I remember just loving the performers and wondering how they were able to flip and fly and tumble the way they did. I also loved it when they would give a program to tell us a little about each performer. At that time, it really was like one big family! The parents were performers and the kids grew up to be ones as well!

This show was no different from my happy memories of the circus in Charlestown, RI. They had constant action going on in two rings for most of the time. People flying through the air, animals (including tigers!!) performing amazing stunts, great music, funny clowns, the list goes on and on. I was captivated by it and I know my friend and her kids were as well! I am so glad I took the opportunity to go and be a kid again, even if I was techincally suposed to be acting like a "responsible adult" :)

Here are the elephants. How can such a big animal stand on such a little thing!

Okay. The best was at the end though. This picture does not do it justice, but a man and a woman were literally SHOT out of this cannon at 65 miles per hour! INCREDIBLE!!!
These were two of the kids (Leo and Cecilia) I was with. THEY LOVED IT! And, I did to. :)


Michelle said...

I always thought that shooting people out of cannons was a myth. I guess not. That has to be the thrill of a lifetime.

Aleigh said...

You went to the Circus? I'm soooo jealous. :)

Linda said...

I have to say: I HATE the circus! I respect peoples right to like it, but I see NO value in it. I don't like zoos either, but I can see the educational side of that. I also went to the circus while they were in town (forced, I took some of my ED clients). I tried to keep an open mind, but it just reaffirmed: I HATE the circus!