Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures of my apartment

So, this post is really just for my memories :) A few people asked to see pictures when I moved into my new apartment in January, but... well, that never happened.

However, spring is here! Spring BREAK is here and that means I FINALLY have some time to do things outside the regular life I live. YESTERDAY was the best day! I cleaned everything from top to bottom, put all those winter clothes away, brought out my spring/summer stuff, and got organized. It felt - OH SO GOOD!

So, I took the opportunity to take some pictures...
Just an FYI - EVERYTHING outside my room belongs to my awesome roommate Becca. I can claim nothing! She has such a great touch for decorating. I need to learn from it!

small but very functional for two people
Den/TV area
There is a nice porch we can sit on behind the curtains
Table/Door to my room :)
My room!
I love my big windows and the space is perfect for me!
My closets.
I couldn't figure out how to take the picture, but there are two closets across from each other. I don't have that many clothes, so one is just filled with storage and the other has my clothes.
I LOVE the full-length mirrors as well!
My bathroom... emphasis on MINE :) No sharing!
This is a step up for me and a necessity in so many ways!
As I mentioned when I moved in here in January, I feel so blessed to be here. I love it!! It's perfect for me at this time and my roommate is great!

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michelle said...

I love having my own bathroom! It is NICE.