Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never say Never... My first earthquake!!

So, I never thought DC would have as bad as a winter as we has this year. But, even more so, I would have placed a bet that DC would never have an earthquake that I could actually feel!!

(Yes, I know anyone on the west coast can laugh their way through this post as you would probably sleep right through it as being an everyday experience!!)

But, at 5 AM Friday morning (July 16th!) I was in my first earthquake! I had spent the night at Juliette's and I woke up and literally thought the boys were RUNNING like crazy through the house at 5 AM (which they never do, but I wouldn't put it past them :) It seemed to only be for about 20 sec., but I felt the house walls shaking. It also sounded like a plane was going to land in our front yard, a train going through our front yard, or there was an explosion outside (all thoughts I didn't want to have at 5 AM). I did think for a minute if that's what an earthquake might feel like, but then realized I was in the basement and everything would topple on me, so I quickly tried to forget that thought...

But, I was right! My very first (and what I hope to be ONLY) earthquake! No damage... the best kind of earthquake if we must have one!

And, as a funny side note... there were emails sent around about what to do if you are in an earthquake and the suggestion for those who were in bed sleeping was to put a pillow over your face. Somehow, to me, being in the basement, I didn't think a pillow was going to help much if the entire house came crumbling down on me. But, maybe it would. I'd rather not test it out though!!

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Laura said...

Glad you're safe!