Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm still alive... and musings from today

It's been a while since I've posted anything... and that was made even more aware to me when a friend emailed me to make sure I was still alive :)

I am.

That's a huge relief
(especially to me!)

But, I am just in awe that it's already the middle of March. WHEW. Where did the time go? I'm happy winter is on its way out (and even happier I spent the winter in DC and NOT Boston where they got pounded with snow!)

Life has been busy. I've had a nice balance of working a ton of hours, but then getting some significant time off while the family I work for took two vacations. The nice part of my job is that I also get to take vacations when they do (and not with them!) I went home for one of them, and went to here for the other week.

Ha, ha! Not Boston, but ...

And, it was absolutely wonderful! The best weather I could have asked for, the nicest people we met along the way, and I couldn't ask for a better, more patient, and fun travel companion :)

I will post more pictures soon. All I have to say is... I can't wait to go back! It was my first time overseas, and I decided to go only 5 weeks before... so a lot of my "spare" time was spent in reading travel websites and books about what to do and see! It was well worth it! We stayed away from most of the cities and "touristy" stuff and got to see/experience the true beauty of the country! It is simply a magical/beautiful country.

Coming home has been a bit hard with the time change, and the added bonus of "Springing our clocks forward an hour!", but life goes on. With the busyness of trip planning and work, I had kind of put my life on hold. Now that I am back... it's kind of staring me in the face and making me a bit fearful and anxious in certain areas. I read this talk today and it helped me refocus my thoughts, which brought me peace.

However, this quote stuck out to me like it was flashing on the page in bright lights and I've been pondering the reality of it all day:

Elder Neal A. Maxwell has said:

The issue for us is trusting God enough to trust also His timing. If we can truly believe He has our welfare at heart, may we not let His plans unfold as He thinks best? The same is true with the second coming and with all those matters wherein our faith needs to include faith in the Lord's timing for us personally, not just in His overall plans and purposes. [Even As I Am (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1982), 93]

I do believe that Heavenly Father has my best interest and welfare at heart, but it's hard not seeing the future from the present. Looking back, I can clearly see his hand in my life, but my faith often lacks and doubt enters when I think about the future. If he hasn't abandoned me yet... why would he now?

How can I just remember this and let faith replace my doubt?!


Unknown said...

I love the end of your blog, pondering the Lord's timing and what not. I'm right there with you, girlfriend! I thought about it a lot at church today... and by the end of a solid and golden ward conference with amazing speakers... I feel like I can face the world again, one day at a time. Glad to hear you're happy and doing well!

Laura said...

So glad you're still alive. ;-) I was ready to send an e-mail as well.

I'm totally jealous of your Emerald Isles trip, of course. And you should be super glad you're in DC this winter - it has been brutal here. I'm DONE with winter. Maybe the hardest winter of my life, weather-wise. So depressing... but spring is on the way. That's what I keep telling myself, so if you hear differently, don't tell...

I know what you mean about having to continually remind yourself to keep trusting. I've had the same conversation with myself many times, and continue to have it. I hope all is well - good to hear from you again!