Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun times with the Huber Family!

General Conference weekend is always GREAT!

Hearing counsel and advice from our prophet and other church leaders helps me to re-focus myself, my priorities and where I spend my time!

But this weekend was extra special because Bekah and I got to spend part of it with Tami and her family!

They recently moved to a town outside of DC and Baltimore. It was a very pretty drive out there and I was tempted to stop at one of the many fruit and produce farms I passed along the way... but it was raining... like it has been every day since the beginning of December!

Sad to say I had not seen Tami since BYU, never met her husband, and therefore, definitely had never met her beautiful girls - A. & K.! They are very entertaining! The little girl I nanny for is definitely not a "girly-girl" so it was fun to be around two very sweet girls who reminded me of when I was little... pick high-heeled dress up shoes, princess wands and dresses!
Bekah's taking a picture at the same time on her computer, and that was more attractive than my camera, so. K. was looking in the other direction! But the girls had put on pretty dresses for dinner and they looked awesome! Note: they each have a wand as well!

We all watched the 2nd session of conference together and I was very impressed by how well her girls kept busy coloring some children's General Conference activity pages, while accurately recognizing some of the speakers when they came on the screen! They also seriously impressed me by their cleaning up and listening skills! I could have these girls give some kids I know some lessons in how to do this!

We had a yummy, yummy dinner and then were entertained more by the girls! We tried taking pictures, but as you can see there were some "candid" moments! Some of the pictures were taken by the girls, and you never knew which direction the camera would be facing when the camera went "click!" Thank goodness for digital cameras and the ability to delete ones that didn't quite work out!
Bekah got a little cut off in this one!

One of my favorites of Bekah.
A. was taking the picture at the time :)
A. taking our picture again.
My head got slightly chopped off :)
Tami and Bekah
A. taking our picture. This one worked!
It was such a fun time! I am so glad they moved closer to us and that we'll get to see each other more often! Oh - and we didn't get to play cornhole because it was raining. I don't even know what that game is, but I'm excited to learn! We did have yummy homemade ice cream and apple pie though :)

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