Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time with Aunt Cara

 This weekend, or really just Sat & Sunday, my brother and sister in law took the opportunity to go to NYC, so I had the chance to watch Holland while they were gone! 

She is now just 3 months old and is the cutest! Her little chubby cheeks and the smiles she gives melt my heart! I tried to capture some of them in the camera while she was doing it, but as soon as the flash went off her eyes got so WIDE and she stopped smiling. I thought it was funny! She probably wondered why I was torturing her with this!
 We fared well for the most part. I definitely could not swaddle her just like mom and dad do, or prepare her bottles so there wasn't any air getting in just like they do, but she was patient with me. She got lots of "oohh's and ahh's" when we went to Target together yesterday. And, today in church she continued to get lots of attention since she was one of two babies/toddlers there!

On our way home from church, we had an explosive diaper, so I took this picture while I was washing ALL of her clothes. Babies are messy! She loves the swing that she is in... even though she still doesn't smile when the flash goes off!

 Ha ha... love her wide eyes in this one too! It was a fun and slightly eventful 36 hours, but she survived :) I think she was happy to be reunited with mom and dad though... and have things return to normal once again. I am sure she wonders what her crazy aunt was thinking at some points over the past two days! Ha ha... if only she could talk :)


Laura said...

She's adorable!!!

josh, erica, nora, wells, evie and stella said...

Those pictures are hilarious! What a big, healthy girl. Does your camera have the option of turning off the flash? I find that babies much prefer that. Congratulations on getting through in one piece!