Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day... a day to rest from your labors! And TEA Party!

I don't know the history of Labor day, but to me it simply means a day to rest from your labors. And, that is just what I did! (Unlike the rest of Boston where Labor day weekend means "move" weekend. I have seen literally 100 U-hauls or cars stuffed with people's junk. All the students are coming or going. It can also be a sad weekend for me b/c now the streets become more crowded with pedestrians and cars. UGH. Hate traffic!)

Last week was my first week back at school after a wonderful summer. Oh my! The days were a lot longer and harder than I remembered. Maybe it was just the start of school and trying to get everything together and back on schedule, but I was literally exhausted and yet I was still trying to "burn the candle at both ends" with family being in town as well!

Overall, it was a great week. I was reminded how much I really do love my job... but hey, I'll take a day off whenever I can get it!

My weekend however has been nothing like I was thinking it would. On Saturday my hard drive crashed. Yep - everything on it GONE. Luckily, my mom had encouraged me to buy an external drive many moons ago, but I was "too busy" (a.k.a too lazy) to figure out how to save all my pictures and itunes on it. WELL, let's just say I'm starting from scratch again. Luckily I do have all my files, etc... but oh - the hours I wasted setting up all that stuff and now it's gone. (FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T BACK UP YOUR INFO WITH AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE... DO IT! AND, DO IT RIGHT!! (unlike me!)

Then, my mom's computer started to have problems, so let's just say i spent more time in Sprint & Apple stores this weekend than I care to think about! But, let's get back to Labor day where I am resting from my labors.

Well, it's GORGEOUS outside. Gorgeous! So, I woke up, helped my mom pack up her car and then went for a long run. It was FABULOUS! It's amazing how much beauty this city has once you start to not look at all the trash and run-down homes, etc. You can find some true gems and flowers along the way :) I also took the longest shower known to man today and then did some errands (but it felt good to get them done even though that's technically laboring.)

Then, my friend called. She had moved into a new place on Saturday and her new roommate was moving in this afternoon. She was tired and exhausted and woke up this morning to a "scene" outside her back door. Someone had come and set up a "tea-party" scene with stuffed animals that should be at D.I. Then, around the scene were some odd items.(picture below) The tea party was pretty funny. Creative. But to someone who's just spent two days moving all their own junk, the last thing you want to do is move someone else's junk. She appreciated their humor, but also felt like screaming at the thought of moving a whole bunch more stuff so her roommate could get her own junk through the door! So, I went to help. And, it really was creative and fun... but we threw it in boxes and took it to D.I. She doesn't know who it was... but man, I'm dying to know!

Tea Party - All invited!

Now, onto the resting from your labors. I did something I've wanted to do since I arrived in Boston almost 5 years ago. SAILING ON THE CHARLES RIVER!!!

Everytime I take the red line over the river and see all the boats on the water I get jealous. Well, yesterday, everyone on the Red line was jealous of me :)

My friend Amy, Kim and I

Amy volunteers with the MIT sailing club and so she can take boats out whenever she feels like it. The day was BEAUTIFUL! The first time we went there were only 7 on the boat (seats 8 comfortably). The 2nd trip out we had 11 people and a dog! It was crowded... but so much fun!

Some of our 11 person crew... and the dog :)

Helping her rig the boat brought back old memories from sailing with my dad and days at Oneka. I was surprised at how much I still remembered even though I was never a good "student of sailing" in those days.

Fortunately we had pretty good wind, but it was probably nothing for an experienced sailor! I sat in the back on both trips and got to steer us for most of the time. It was the MOST beautiful day. Now I can check one more thing off my "Boston to-do" list!!

Cute me :)

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Tami H. said...

I am jealous of the boating! Our hard drive also crashed last week. I think we had stuff backed up. Maybe have someone look at yours , just to make sure you can't get those pictures and tunes back. Good luck.