Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One true constant.

I feel like my life has been one big whirlwind the past week or two. Maybe longer. It's been filled with many, many good things (like a fun trip to NYC; seeing an old, but fabulous, friend from my summers at Camp Oneka; my mom in town; Time out for Women; my sister-in-law getting a book contract (CONGRATS BECCA!); birthday parties... the list goes on and on.

I am the type of person who has always tried to maintain some sort of order in my life... and a schedule. I like to know what to expect! Yes, I'll admit it. I'm a die-hard planner!!!

Well, this summer opened up my eyes to life without a schedule and it was a learning experience for me. Grad school offered me a peak at what life is like without a "real" schedule and I struggled with it. I don't like being a student and was determined to be out and done with school as fast as possible (hence the reason I took an intense one year masters program instead of the usual two years!)

But, this summer was definitely a positive experience, although it was not always easy/or fun! (Are lessons in life ever really "fun"? I would actually welcome comments on that!) I am grateful for this experience though because it prepared me for the past few weeks. This is weird for me to say, and for others it might sounds ridiculous, but I have loved the freedom and spontaneity I have experienced the past few weeks. I have put some of the "planning" aside and have let life just happen. Roll with whatever comes my way. It's been fun! Flexibility is required and that is definitely something I have needed to work on.

However, last Sunday morning as I was sitting in an apartment in NYC enjoying some downtime before an eventful day, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the scriptures and for the peace I felt as I read them. I felt like nothing in my life had been constant over the past few weeks... except for one thing. The scriptures and the PEACE I know I feel as I read them. Sometimes I even crave the feeling I get from reading them and will count down the time till I can have it again. I am incredibly grateful for them and just had to blog about it... although words can't express my feelings very well.

And, one additional comment: As we drove into the BIG CITY on Friday evening I was a little overwhelmed. I am not a city girl and was captivated by the lights and action going on everywhere (glad I wasn't driving too!) But, as we turned the corner to where we were staying in Lincoln Center, I turned to my left and say the ANGEL MORONI on top of a beautiful white building (the TEMPLE!!) I was shocked that it was right there! This beautiful temple in the middle of a big city! It made me so happy and a feeling of peace and comfort came over me. I only wished I had brought my recommend with me! I look forward to returning there... hopefully someday soon :)

Isn't it beautiful!!! Right in the middle of Lincoln Center!


Stevie said...

I'm like you in that I thrive on a schedule--but four kids is curing me of that pretty quickly!

Sounds like you've had a lot of fun lately. That must be so much work to do a one year masters!

I agree that the manhattan temple is pretty amazing in the middle of the crazy city--we were there last year, and actually got to go inside, it was crazy to feel that kind of peace in the middle of such a busy city!!

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

Regarding the schedule and order - you sound just like Justin! :)