Saturday, February 21, 2009

AWE, "What About Bob", and LEARN TO LAUGH

Captivating title? Maybe. But, bet you can't figure out what it stands for? Well, yes you can, if you are a single LDS member and live in New England. It stands for All-New-England Winter Extravaganza! (AWE) Sounds exciting, huh?! Well, kind of. I actually had other things going on this weekend so I only attended the classes this morning, but they were good. One in particular I had to blog about.

Can I just interrupt this post for one side-note? One thing I'll miss when I leave Boston is the INCREDIBLE adult members of the church here who have accomplished so much in their life! Well, I am sure these people exist everywhere, but I feel like a great majority of them now live in the Boston area. For instance, today's Keynote Speaker was a former network anchor of The Early Show on CBS, and the talk that's the focus of this blog was given by a former CEO of Dell. Both members of the church living near by. COOL, huh!

Two of the talks I went to were titled:
"I used to be Indecisive; Now I'm not sure", and "Fear, Decisions, and Perspective." Do you catch a theme in my life right now? They were both good and we even got to watch clips from "What about Bob" when he starts taking "Baby steps" towards overcoming some of his fears. It's a hilarious movie!! I forgot how much I loved it!

The other talk I really liked was titled
"Finding Balance in Life", but it really was more about "Finding and Maintaining Happiness in Life". He stated that "When we find our lives unbalanced it's usually because what we know to be true is different from what are actions are." Wow. This struck home with me. I can count many times in my life when my priorities have been out of wack, I haven't been very happy, and yet at those times I am wondering why?!

He also gave a list of 6 things for a
BALANCED and JOYFUL life. Now, we all seek this, so read on :)

Multi-tasking is a myth: I actually read an article in a news magazine about that this week but I was skeptical. After talking about it today, I believe that it's true in many instances and I am guilty of it! I'll try and work while someone is talking to me... yep, I don't remember a thing they said; or, I'll write a note to someone while listening to a lecture... yep, I'll leave not knowing what they even spoke about. But, yet I still do it. He also said that we should work at work and when we're home we're home. I've actually tried to do that this year and my night have been much more enjoyable! Some days I have to stay much later than I like, but I really enjoy the break between my work life and home life.

2. Stay physically active and healthy and plan for it. Schedule it like other things.

3. Plan time for study, prayer, contemplation. Stay up to date on current events so that you're an interesting person to talk to!

4. Find opportunities to serve... even if it's really small.

5. Plan time for spouse with just the two of you alone.

6. Work hard in the things you are engaged in.

Looking over the list I think I am doing well with most of them and I do feel really happy and balanced right now, but I can see how my life could easily get unbalanced with one of these missing.

Finally he said:
"We really can't have it all." Very different from what the world teaches and I agree with him! We can't do everything and succeed at it all at the same time. There's a time and season for everything. Pick your priorities at that time and stick with it when it's most important. The list will change over time... but work hard at what you're engaged in.

In addition to this, our lesson in church tomorrow is from Elder
Wirthlin's final conference talk before he passed away: "Come What May and Love It". It's a GREAT talk. Here's the link:

His talk is centered on advice his mother gave him one day when he came home and complained to her:
" 'Come what may, and Love it.' ...I think she may have meant that every life has peaks and shadows and times when it seems that the birds don’t sing and bells don’t ring. Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result."

Wirthlin goes on to give a list of things that have helped him in times of trial throughout his life. Of course, trusting in the Savior and the Lord are very important BUT, I loved his first bullet point: LEARN TO LAUGH. :) I've tried to do this more over the past year or so. You'll notice one of the quotes on the side of my blog ... when something is stressing me out I ask myself how much it REALLY matters? Usually, not a lot. And laughing about stupid things I do, or whatever, really has made my life a LOT happier over the past year.

Just some thoughts and tidbits I wanted to write down... really this blog is for my personal benefit :)

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