Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Relationship Between Faith and Fear

“ACTING in FAITH to keep our covenants, sometimes directly in the face of FEAR, is the very transformation of our souls that the ATONEMENT promises.”

Recently, I read a very good
BYU devotional address by Gregory Clark entitled “Lessons on Faith and Fear”, and I would recommend it to anyone! He compares the relationship of FAITH and FEAR to that of good and evil. When we live in FAITH, we don’t FEAR change or changing ourselves… which is the very foundation of HF’s plan for us (changing for the better).

FEAR pulls us from the Lord. It weakens us. He explains his thoughts that the source of FEAR comes from the assumption that he must solve all of his problems and face all challenges on his own, using his own resources. When he’s FEARFUL, he’s HOPELESS. WOW. Reading it in that way puts fear in a whole new light for me. HOPE is what I cling to. Hope gets me up in the morning and moving throughout the day. Hope keeps me going! What am I without HOPE?

FEAR comes on slowly just like little sins can creep up on us. The more FEAR sets in, the more FAITH moves out. The more sins creep in, the more the Spirit moves out.

FAITH is a choice. A choice! We choose to believe and act on it. I feel very blessed in my life to have felt the Spirit witness to me that the restored gospel is true. And, I could NEVER deny that. But, yet, I find myself very uncertain when challenges come my way. I’m NOT uncertain about the truthfulness of the gospel, but I’m uncertain the Lord is going to help me this time. I’m uncertain He’s aware of me THIS time. But, why??? Has HE failed me before? Left me along? NO. Why do I let that doubt creep in? Why can’t I be more consistent in choosing FAITH? I make many choices throughout the day. The wisest choice I could make is to have more FAITH!

Brother Clark gives a fabulous example of the Bible story when the disciples are wondering if they’re going to perish in the storm at sea. The Savior was IN the boat with them and yet, they still doubted. He remarks that the reason he thinks they doubted is because they could only see the PRESENT furry of the storm. They
couldn’t remember the past witnesses of truth they had learned or their hope for the future. Their current experience contradicted their past and future knowledge… so they doubted.

The Bible dictionary says that
FAITH is to “have confidence in something or someone…The Lord has revealed himself and his perfect character…. So as to enable the mind of man to place confidence in him without reservation.” SO WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS ON A DAILY BASIS??

FAITH might well be the path that the power of the ATONEMENT must travel if it to transform our lives.” Only when we’re filled with FAITH can the healing power of the atonement enter and help us CHANGE for the better. “ACTING in FAITH to keep our covenants, sometimes directly in the face of FEAR, is the very transformation of our souls that the ATONEMENT promises.”

“EVERY time I find myself
FEARFUL, sooner of later I realize that I am not particularly humble. I realize I have been trying to live my life and solve my own problems on my own terms with my own capacities – my own intellect, usually – and have forgotten instead the power and plan of the Lord.”

Now, I need to find a good talk on humility ☺
FEAR is the prompting to turn, and return, to the LORD – a process that begins with humility.


This is what I need in my life. …

Wow – what a GREAT talk!!

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