Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pinata Time!

All summer I REALLY wanted to be a "crafty nanny" and do inspiring, creative things with the kids. Well, after some internet searching... and then some soul searching, I realized this wasn't going to happen :)
However, I did find one craft recipe that I thought I could handle... and the kids would enjoy. Making a pinata!! It took almost the whole month of August from start to finish (many days of drying and then the kids went on vacation) but we did it! It really was fun to make and easy to set up for the big event!
Here are some pics:
Leo before the swing

Align Center

Cecilia and J before the swing!

It took a few rounds of hitting because we made it pretty strong! The kids were so happy to have all the candy and i was so happy because I did ONE craft thing with them this summer!!

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