Monday, November 16, 2009

Apple picking!

After moving from Boston, I naively thought I would never get to go apple picking and leaf peeping again... because New England is the only place where apples grow and leaves change color, right?!! Ha! And, that thought did make me a bit sad... but not enough to keep me there :) Something I can fly back for when I get the craving, right?

So, imagine my excitement when my good friend from
BYU who lives nearby said she was going apple picking on Columbus Day! Now, there aren't too many places within an hours driving distance, but Bekah found one! I would have to say it is the most "ghetto" apple picking place I have ever been to... not like "Phil's Apples" in MA! But hey, all you need are apple trees and a bag, right?

Well, we had fun and as you can see
Bekah was a little more adventurous in making sure she got the best apples off the tree!

I remain grounded... Bekah like to climb!
They also had these beautiful sunflowers to brighten any one's day!

So, not only was it fun to get away from the city and spend time with a good friend, it was also a GREAT way to satisfy my fleeing moment of sadness to not be apple picking in New England!

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Bekah said...

YAY! Apple picking was fun!