Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tis the season for gratitude. My top 50!

Tis the Season. Not for Christmas songs just yet... although one station in DC thinks so and the stores thought so before Halloween... disgusting. Not Christmas... but just the idea that they're trying to maximize on the materialistic aspect of the holiday!

But, tis the season for gratitude. And I don't have enough of it. I get so caught up when things go wrong, but yet, when things go right it's like fleeting thoughts!

This week in school, I have been teaching the kids about expressing gratitude and how it makes the person feel when you express gratitude to another.
Makes you and them feel all GOOD inside :)
I even have a little visual I do with it (thanks to a lesson I found on lds.org!!) So, why don't I do more of it? Seems like a great thing for both involved... the giver and the receiver!

So, this post has been on my mind for a while and I am going to just start listing in no specific order because I realized I can't prioritize these... or it was agonizing to even try and do so:

1. Prayer
2. Temples
3. The Sacrament
4. Scriptures
5. A living prophet and church leaders
6. General Conference
7. Children
8. My ever patient, ever giving, ever loving angel mother
9. A trusting and loving father
10. Supportive and encouraging brothers
11. Friends of 32/Fab 5 (you know who you are!)
12. Camp Oneka/Red Team
13. BYU
14. A job (or a few jobs right now :)
15. Weddings
16. Holidays... when families gather
17. Peace and quiet
18. Sleep/rest
19. A strong and healthy body with the ability to run!
20. A curious mind that's capable of learning and growing
21. Good Books
22. Ability to talk and listen
23. Uplifting songs
24. Sunsets
25. Lights
26. Beaches
27. Treadmills and Gyms
28. Water! Warm showers included!
29. Warmth... esp. from the sun!
30. Winter Clothes. QUALITY winter clothes!
31. Space Heaters
32. Comfy Couches
33. Alarm clocks
34. Medicine
35. Cell Phones
36. Cars
37. Contacts/Glasses
38. Microwaves
39. Ipods
40. Internet & Blogs
41. Cameras
42. Hairbands
43. Changing leaf colors
44. Desserts! Cereal! Chips! Mexican Food! Ice Cream... mmm... food in general
45. Caffeine ... Diet Coke :)
46. 7/11's and Slurpees
47. Target
48. Panera Bread
49. The American Flag

50. MY LIFE!!!!

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jenni said...

Awesome list... I like your style, and I am grateful for... YOU! Good to see you tonight :) We've still go to do an adventure run together (though I know outside running is not your favorite)