Saturday, September 24, 2011

Please touch! Ummm... No thanks!

Since the kids didn't have any camp options as the summer wound down, I was the camp director. Luckily, the Mariah Mitchell Association still had some things going on. Mariah Mitchell Association, for lack of better words, is the science and preservation organization on the island. They have a small aquarium, two observatories, a natural history museum, etc. The kids did a few of their camps during the summer and LOVED it. They would go digging in the beach or the marshes to find creatures!

Well, I took them to the aquarium and on one adventure where they sorted through some ocean creatures that were found. This is NOT my forte. Quite gross, I think. But, glad there are other people who enjoy this type of thing. And, the kids I nanny for LOVE IT!

At the aquarium... digging in the tank
I didn't put my hands anywhere near it!

This was our next adventure. The two people below worked for MMA and went out to collect whatever was in the water in to their net. Then, they brought it back and all the kids could sort it! Again, my hands stayed on the camera :)

Hmmm... a crab and oyster
Don't remember what that was,
but he's so happy he found it!
Another crab.
How can they pick it up?!!

The twins really learned a lot at the camps for MMA and new the actual names of so many of the different types or sand and water creatures. I was so impressed!

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Laura said...

I'm with you - no touchy. I will pet dogs, but that's about it. Ick.