Friday, September 23, 2011

Prep for the Hurricane... that never came

Growing up I lived through Hurricane Bob one summer while I was in RI. I wish we had digital cameras back then because my dad took the coolest picture of me after I had just run out to my front yard and stood there in the wind. My crazy, frizzy hair was completely blown at a 90 degree angle and I was tilting to one side because of the strong forces of the wind.

So, I was kind of excited to hear that another Hurricane was coming our way. I wasn't as excited knowing that I was on an island this time, but we lived mid-land and I felt pretty safe. All week long I had seen people taking their boats out of the water, the basics at the one grocery store were completely gone, and it was the talk of the town!

Well, some areas of the eastern seaboard got slammed with the hurricane. But, we got clouds on Saturday and then a very strong wind and sun on Sunday! No rain even.

People went to lots of work though preparing their house. I guess you can never be too prepared, although I thought this was a bit over the top considering we were never on the "direct hit" line of the hurricane.

On Saturday evening I went to go look at the beaches and the waves. I couldn't see very far because of the clouds, but the surf was rough! It was pretty to watch and it made me think about the power of Heavenly Father controlling the elements!

On my drive back to the house, I had to stop and take a picture. I had passed this many times before all summer long and it always made me laugh! This house had these tin statues in front of their yard. They were very bright and very unique!
But, this one always made me laugh. It's some kind of "person" but it's offering advice for 5 cents! Ha! I just thought that was really quite creative! I asked it a question about what I should do with my life/career, but since I didn't have any change on me it didn't answer. Advice doesn't come free these days :)

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