Friday, November 11, 2011

Live... "Like There's No Tomorrow"

Live... "Like There's No Tomorrow"
 Last night I went to see this year's Warren Miler film. I got home way, way, way past my bedtime for a weeknight, but it was TOTALLY worth it! Not only were the scenes and skiers/boarders in this film AMAZING, but the music and overall message were good too!

I saw a couple of these films when I lived in UT and maybe one or two in Boston. This is their 62nd year making one and there's only one place in the entire tri-state area that shows it... on one night only....And, that cinema just happens to be less than 5 min from me! Had to take advantage and I went with a friend who has a similar passion (although he probably has the skills to back it up... whereas I don't!)

Anyway, below are some pictures from the film. They had clips from resorts all around the world, including one from New Zealand. I totally want to go there! Also, in the brochure they give out, there is a full page picture of the Salt Lake Temple amongst advertisements of resorts in SL. 

However, I took away more from this film than just excitement for fresh powder. The following are some of the things I learned... and felt related to my life, or life in general!

1. I noticed how each skier spotlighted in this film had a PASSION for what they did and life in general. They lived for the opportunity to be in nature and test their skills... to the extreme. But, each day was a new day. The past was behind them and they just looked forward to what was in front of them. 

2. They didn't sit around waiting for the perfect ski conditions to get out there. They just made sure they were prepared for the elements and went for it!

3. They didn't say... Oh - tomorrow I'll ski. Or put off for a day what they could do today. 

4 They relied on at least one other to go skiing with. They knew they couldn't go alone and they all supported and encouraged one another.

5. They lived with NO REGRETS and took advantage of everything they could. 

6. They were HAPPY! They love what they do and could care less what anyone else thought of them. I thought it was so funny that many of the skiers knew in high school or college that they just COULD NOT have a desk job. I wanted to stand up and clap when I heard that because that is ME! For a while now I've struggled with what to do with my life. I can't sit behind a desk all day... but extreme skiing is not really where I think I should go! But, it was so nice to hear someone verbalize that it's OK to not want to sit behind a desk all day in order to be a productive member of society and enjoy life!

7. One skier said: "I don't know if there is anywhere in the world better to be, than to be here right now." Awesome! I wish I could say that more often than not... even if it's just here in VA or DC. Just enjoying where I am in the moment no matter where that is!

Overall, I could relate each one of these points to my own life. Being HAPPY no matter what the circumstances are. Being content with where I am right now, but willing to push myself... even if just a little bit. Living with no regrets... no more "if" I had done this or that. Relying on others for help and support is OK... we're not meant to face this world and its challenges alone. Not procrastinating what I can accomplish today.... and finally - HAVE PASSION for all that I do!

"The key to life is living like there's no tomorrow. 
If you're sitting on the couch you're obviously 
not riding some powder, 
so maybe you should get off the couch and go ride!"

What a great message. What a great movie.
Now I just need some sleep :)

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