Sunday, May 27, 2012

There's something to say about connecting like they did in the "Olden" days

So, I take a break in my UTAH report for this insight. I've been thinking about it recently and just read a study about it in a magazine today.

Topic: How we connect and stay connected with friends

With modern technology, it's so easy to send an email, Facebook message, or text to say Hi to a friend or to ask them a question. But, how much can you really find out from one sentence or what someone said in a short message? And, if you want to ask them about it, or suggest something, you've got to then msg them back and they might not even get it for a few hours or days... and the process continues.

Before coming to UT I was able to go on a few evening walks with friends and left them feeling so happy! Why? Well, in each case it was because we got to talk and connect... share stories... laugh at the same time... and enjoy actually being together. I think of dates I have been on as well. Ha-  would we have had just as much fun sitting on our phones texting the conversation, OR was it more fun conversing while sitting at a table eating something yummy!

I was reminded of this again on my trip to UT. I have physically gone and visited with friends. We've sat on couches together, played with kids, or whatever, but the fact is that we were together. I wasn't at a computer screen or texting on my phone trying to update them on my life. It seriously gave me JOY to connect in this way. It energized me!

The study I read about today said that when we're busy one of the first things to go is spending time with pals or even chatting on the phone - and this is SO true in my life. But, the study found that maintaining close friendships can have a huge impact on your health. According to the study Americans have a 1/3 fewer confidants for important topics than they did 20 years ago and 25% have no one they can talk to! WHAT? I would go insane if that was the case for me, but at times I have felt really disconnected from friends because we haven't had the face to face contact.

"Technology makes connecting with friends more efficient, yet it diminishes the quality of the relationship." So True! So, my new goal is to set goals for actual face to face contact with friends and to treat it like an appt that can't be missed! And phone chats with long distance friends!

I love how I feel after a good conversation with a friend... and so why is that the first thing to go when life gets busy?!! I think this also applies to family and dating relationships as well. It's so easy to just send a text... or an email... but the benefits far outweigh whatever time we gain in just sending a text.

Now, if you're trying to AVOID the person - thank goodness for texting and emails!

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Sarah said...

Cara, can you email me the study you read (I know kind of defeats the purpose of your whole post). I totally agree. I have a hard time even connecting with friends on my own street, and I am terrible about keeping in touch with others, and I feel horrible about it.