Friday, August 31, 2012

Some summer fun!

 A little update on adventures from the past month...

We had a few visitors while we were on Nantucket. The kids' cousin came for a week and I would have been happy to have her stay with us all year! She was such a treat! So polite, sweet and fun to be around! She went to bike camp with the kids, so this is a picture I took of her on her first day and sent to her mom.
Ava and Hadley got along so well! 
Ava's personality shines bright in this picture :)
 I took another excursion to Boston for a weekend... and even though I did a whole post on this plane last summer, I just am always amazed when I get inside that I can sit right behind the pilots and get to look at all the gadgets and gizmos they have to fly the plane! Luckily, my flights this time were in clear skies and it wasn't turbulent... totally makes a big difference on how enjoyable the experience is! But, still - zero leg room and it's SO loud the entire time!
 The weekend in Boston was so much fun! I got to spend lots of time with Holland. 
We even went on adventure to Cambridge and got caught in a huge downpour. But, thank goodness for Dave and bringing some umbrellas for us to all use!

In August, the kids took some breaks from camp. We had fun adventures every day and played lots (LOTS) of tennis. We were also frequent pool goers. Some of our adventures included bike rides to the state forest to look for be-bees; A 21 mile bike ride around the Poulpis loop with a stop along the beach and another stop for some ice cream; whale watching; and beach time too!

One of Ava's highlights is hitting the skate park. This time we went it was hotter than heck, but she doesn't mind wearing all her gear and pants if it means she gets to go. I melted just standing there watching her, but she's one cool girl! I love her confidence with this. She does it all by herself... and she's actually quite good for just turning 7!

As noted in a previous post, I celebrated my birthday on Nantucket. It was a beautiful day and just one of many nights ending with a beautiful sunset on the water... accompanied by yummy food as well!

I got to go home for a long weekend just after my birthday. Mer, being the awesome friend that she is, planned a birthday party for me and brought this amazing cake!

This is me (obviously!) before blowing out the candles!
Wish was made. I hope it comes true!!! I really, REALLY do!

Back to the island... on one of our bike rides to the state forest to look for (yet again) more bee-bees... Ava and Jed built a see-saw. I thought it was so imaginative and creative of them!
One of the weekends in August Nantucket has a huge sailboat race. Actually, all week long is called "RaceWeek" and is filled with different events. The day before the race I went to the docks to examine some of the amazing (and large!) boats. This week they also had brought in 2 "tall ships" that are a bit older and they offered free tours on one of them. This one was built in the 1800s but was cool to tour.
This motor boat was just one of the many that blew me away. It has at least 3 levels and a smaller motor boat stored inside it. I can only imagine what it would be like to travel on one. Although... I know I would get claustrophobic after a day or two...
More to come... summer isn't "quite" over yet!!

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