Monday, October 29, 2012

Makes me smile :)

A few things recently have made me smile  :)

My list could go on and on... but I'll start with the beautiful weather we've had recently (before Frankenstorm), the colorful Fall leaves, my experiment with cooking (and actually having it turn out OK!), and some opportunities I've had to help others recently...

But, these I actually got pictures of: 

Fancy Nancy coming to town! Totally brought a smile to my face. I wish we could have spent her entire time here together (and then some), but I treasured the time we had. It's so great how we haven't lived together for eight years (or something like that) yet not much has changed in our friendship and I love it!

This little girl. I had the privilege of spending a morning with her last week  and she is adorable. She's so good!! She would say please and thank you... pick up what she was doing before moving on to another activity... loved to laugh... and I loved how she would repeat some things she heard. For instance, the lady I work with said "Bye, Bye, Sweetie" when we were leaving and she replied right back to her "Bye, Bye, Sweetie" as she waved. It was adorable! I also loved her love for animals! Notice her giving a large tiger a hug! She's not scared at ALL! She also loved the gerbils and fish I showed her at the house we were at.
I went to a friend's birthday dinner the other night and had never been down on the Georgetown waterfront before. Most of this area had been washed out with one of the last storms (so I hope they fare well today) but I got to walk around a bit before we met up. It was gorgeous. The lights, the boats... just a really pretty scene. In the back of the picture below is the Kennedy Center.
This is a picture of the Key Bridge I cross at least twice a day... if not more! One day I am going to walk across it :) But, saving that for something special. Ha ha ha!
Life sure does have its challenges, but I feel very blessed to live in the area I do, to have a good job, and to have such amazing friends and family!

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