Monday, June 24, 2013


This weekend I was SO lucky to be given my boss's season tickets to the game on Saturday! Not only did I get the 4 tickets, but I got his parking pass as well, which by the way just happens to be covered parking RIGHT NEXT to the stadium. We could not have gotten ANY closer!

The weather was beautiful for an afternoon at the ballpark. Beautiful! It was perfectly sunny, warm (80s) but not humid. I worked out in the morning and then got ready. We met at 11 AM b/c there was traffic, but that just added to the experience! I loved driving there and not having to take the metro, which I have always done in the past.

One of the others who came with us (Cortne) had been a guest of someone with similar tickets in the past. She knew all about the ADDED bonus of the Diamond Club! This is an exclusive private club just above our section of seats in the stadium. You show them your ticket to get in the door. Then, they give you a wrist band to wear so you can come and go.  AWESOME

As soon as you enter they have a table with yummy candies. How can you go wrong with that? Then, there is a full bar with every kind of drink you can imagine to the right and rows of tables. In the back there were 6 or 7 of these stations with yummy food of all kinds! This picture doesn't do it justice, but who has salmon, steak, shrimp and other similar dishes when they go to a ballpark? Hah! Me - never. Until this past Saturday that is :)
 Even though the club was air conditioned, we took our plates to our seats. Why not? I've never been so close to the players! We were seated right behind their dugout. Like 4 rows back. CRAZY. he scary part was that you really couldn't look down when someone was up to bat because we didn't have the netting in front of us. It ended just about 5 feet before our seats!

  I love this panoramic picture a friend of mine took. It's amazing what you can do with camera's these days!

Screech, the Nationals mascot, came to visit our section. Everyone was getting pictures with him. I was a bit of a chicken at first....
 but then figured, why not?! This opportunity might never come again! I went up to ask him and he kept *Screeching* at me! I was confused at first and didn't know how to reply, but hah! That's all he can say. So Cortne and I got in it!
 Here's our little group at the end of the game. The Nats lost like 7 to 0 or something crazy like that. It wasn't a very exciting game, but the food (unlimited visits), the trips I took just to cool off from the hot sun in the air-conditioned club every now and then, the weather, the people I was with, seeing Screech, standing and singing the National Anthem, watching them honor some of our troops while singing "Proud to be an American", and really - just being with this group of people... all combined to make it such a fabulous, fun, relaxing experience. I was so grateful for it and had such a GREAT time!
 This was the sea of people heading to the metro after the game... we just took the elevator up from our seats to get to our car.
Now that's how you see a baseball game :)

I wonder if I can get these tickets for another game sometime soon!!!

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