Saturday, July 12, 2008

If only I could see life through the eyes of a child...

This week I took the kids on some new adventures and I loved watching their reaction. I started to wish I could see life through their eyes and get as excited out of the "little things" like they did.

Our first adventure was to DAVIS Farmland. I actually found out about it from one of my gym friends (meaning... we only see each other at the gym and talk as we're both getting ready in the morning. They're all moms or grandmom's and so I get to hear lots of stories and we all share new and fun places to try).

This "farm" is MUCH more than a farm! It's got the animals, but it's a 'please touch, feed and pet' type of place. This is a picture of Leo feeding one of the goat's. It was his first time feeding anything besides his dog... and he was a little apprehensive at first, but the smile on his face and the wideness of his eyes after the goat ate everything out of his hand said more than words could express.

So, besides the animals, the "farm" also had hay rides, pony rides, and a "stream" for fishing. There were kid size fishing polls, but the "fish" in the "stream" were all plastic. However, this activity alone provided 45 minutes of pure bliss for the boys! They were SOOO excited when they caught one!

After the farm, we moved onto our next adventure. The "farm" also had bicycle go-carts and a race track to go around. And, they even had moveable seats so that even Jeremiah (who is much shorter and younger than Leo) could use it.

This is Leo on probably lap 100!
P.S. Please note the green lawn chairs for the "moms" in the background. This place was so mom friendly... it was incredible.

After the go-carts we moved onto the three different playground and sand area (again with nice green lawn chairs for moms to sit back, watch and talk or read. Finally, we made our way to the last main attraction which was the sprinkler park area with a water table and lots of structures for the kids to climb on and get sprayed. They LOVED IT!

This is Leo and Jeremiah on the car that sprayed water
at you as you turned the wheel. It was such a fun day!!

On Friday my mom came into town and I was had fun spending the day with her. My older brother, Justin, flew into Boston on a red-eye Friday night for a very quick visit with my grandfather. On Saturday morning, my mom, brother and I took the kids mini-golfing at one of the other famous "farms" in the area. Kimball Farms is well-known for it's fabulous ice cream, fresh produce... and it's driving range, bumper boats, and mini-golf course :)

Jeremiah has a mini-golf et at home that we are constantly playing with in his backyard. He never puts the golf club down! So, I knew he would love this, but I just didn't realize how excited he would be. From the moment we started at hole one he didn't stop cheering, smiling, or looking in awe at each new hole. The course is unlike any other (and should be for the price you pay to play on it!) and again, I was in awe of his reaction.
Three very excited kids as they wait patiently for their turn!

Why can't I get that excited about simple things like a new hole on a mini-golf course... or experiencing a new sensation from an animal eating out of my hand. (maybe it's knowing how many germs are spreading from the animal to my hand that prevents me from even thinking about doing so!... ahhhh... to be innocent and naive again. Life was a lot less complicated then.... but am I missing out on the "fun" in life because of my wisdom and knowledge?

I'd give almost anything to live life through the eyes of a child for one more day...

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