Sunday, November 2, 2008


Salem, MA at this time of year in CRAZY. No, crazy doesn't even describe what happens there. But, it's a town that celebrates Halloween like no other town in the country. Every night for two weeks is like a huge festival with carnival rides, food stands, and every shop, restaurant and building is decorated to be haunted, scary, or silly.

Well, last weekend a friend of mine invited me to go with him to check it out. We took an unconventional way of getting there, but it was so cool! We got on a Ferry in Boston and it went right to Salem. It was dark out and chilly as the boat sped up, but we sat on the top deck for most of the ride and this was one of the amazing pictures we took of Boston as we left. It was AWESOME!

We enjoyed our walk around Salem and I wish we had more time to enjoy it all (but that was my fault!!) but I did get one picture of me as a witch!

Halloween isn't my most favorite holiday... except for all the candy intake :) But, it was fun to finally see Salem in it's element (and it's a lot different than all the other times of the year when you go during the day and it's a cute, old New England town. For two weeks in October... it comes ALIVE!!

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