Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unlike anything else I've ever seen...

I love nature. Well, let me clarify. I love my version of nature. I love hiking, sitting and watching the sun rise/set, campfires, looking at the stars on a warm summer evening, and the changing of leaves. That about covers it. I DO NOT like camping, or anything that resembles sleeping/cooking outdoors, bugs and outdoor critters, and I really detest RACCOONS (only because I have had a few run-ins with them at a summer camp I attended as a teenager. I have horror stories to share... but that's for another day. (DOWN WITH "ROCKY" the RACCOON!)

Back to nature. New England has many wonderful things to offer, but Fall in New England is one of the things I think everyone must experience at one time in their life. It is incredible. Words, or my words to describe it, cannot do it justice. One must live it. Breathe in the crisp air. Watch the leaves change color... so bright and majestic! See the shades of color change as the sun rises and sets on them... and then watch them fall and hear them crunch under your feet.

The fall season is ending quickly here in Boston, but I couldn't let winter come without paying tribute to a beautiful Fall. You can't walk down a street in Boston that's lined with trees in the Fall and not notice the beauty of the colorful leaves! I LOVE IT!

Wish I knew how to make these pictures bigger though!!

Incredible. Every morning when I arrive at work I am greeted by a sea of trees on one side of our parking lot and the sun is just hitting them at the right time. It's incredible!!

Then, on a recent weekend my friend Amber came into town. We met on the Boston Common in the afternoon and just walked and talked... these are two things we saw. (For those of you who don't know, the Boston Common is a big park in the middle of Boston)

A soldier reading a book!!

A frog. Right by "The Frog Pond" where people can ice skate in the winter!

One of the trees in the Common.
Yes, those kids are jumping in the leaves... and I was so tempted to join them!!!

Now, we'll move on to some pictures of the Charles River.
Beautiful... but you would NEVER want to swim in it! It's so polluted!

This is a picture of a rowing team and Harvard behind it. The river is famous for many crew teams to practice and the "Head of The Charles" occurs every Fall.

Boston really is a beautiful city.


Jamie Parke said...

You make me want to go to Boston everytime you post pictures. It is so beautiful!!!

Maylene said...

I love your pictures. I miss fall leaves so much. Everything is always the same colors around here. It looks so pretty...no wonder everyone walks lots around there. I also loved the rowing pictures. Secretly I have always wanted to go to see a rowing race on the St. Charles river.

HaH said...

Homesickness is now back. :( Good pics!

Linda said...

those are great pictures! we should plan an outing soon. it's been a while.