Saturday, December 27, 2008

Annual Outdoor Run! And, wind. Add that to the things I am grateful for!

Ha - So this is really silly, but some of you know that I dislike (somewhat strongly) running outside. I'm the type of person who likes to run on a treadmill and watch TV or the news at the same time.

But, over the past few years I have developed a tradition. I take an annual run outside on Christmas morning... partly because my little brother loves his beauty sleep and we don't eat breakfast or do anything before 10:30 AM and I can never sleep past 8 AM no matter how tired I am.

But, I love my annual Christmas day runs because there is NO ONE on the street. It's just me and the pavement. If I want to run down the middle of Mass Ave. I can. Or, on Storrow Drive. Sure, why not?! I LOVE IT! And, the past few years the weather has been sunny and not too cold.

Well, this year I took a different route. My car went in for service on Christmas Eve and I couldn't pick it up before the place closed... so I decided to run and pick it up on Christmas day. It was such a GREAT run but one that I could not do any other day of the year because of the roads I had to run on to get there.

I will never forget this run because it was also REALLY windy. At times it was a battle to run into the wind, but I'll never forget the tailwind that was literally pushing me up the last hill. I have never been so grateful for wind in my life and was amazing at how much I could really feel it pushing me! I'm also really proud of this run because I did it faster than I thought I could do!!

Only 363 days or so till my next one :)

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michelle said...

ohhhhh...I'm feeling nostalgic for Boston...Mass Ave., Storrow Dr., etc. I also hate working out outside. I need a book or TV to distract me while I'm exercising for sure.