Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ... and a SHOUT-OUT to my brother, EVAN!

The year is quickly coming to a close. I love reflecting back on 2008 and all that's happened in my life, the lives of my family and friends, and events that have happened in the world. Many news stations play clips with pictures and music highlighting events from the year and unfailingly it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. (slightly embarrassing when you're crying when you're on the treadmill!)

I feel so much gratitude for my many, many blessings. I KNOW without a doubt that the LORD is guiding my life and that bring me more peace and a feeling of security than I could get from any other source. I KNOW HE does not leave me (or anyone) alone and comfortless. Personally, I am in a much better "place" and mind-set than I was a year ago and I am SOOOOO grateful for that!

Recently I have been reflecting on the many blessings I take for granted each and every day. I recently finished "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch and it is an inspiring and thought-provoking. I look at the "challenges" I face each and every day and they bail in comparison to what others are facing. I have a healthy, strong body. I have a loving family and caring friends. I have a wonderful job and the means to support a comfortable lifestyle, and most of all I have a strong testimony of the LOVE my Savior and Heavenly Father have for me... and yet, WHY am I not jumping out of bed every morning excited to see what the day brings :) Reading his book, and some other recent events in my life, have truly awakened my thinking. I am making a new resolution and pronouncing it to the cyberworld (!!) that in 2009 when I start to feel pressure or stress... or feeling down about something... I am going to do a personal "check-in" with my thoughts and weigh it against what REALLY matters in the BIG PICTURE. And, to do my best to make the most of the time I spend with those I love... and those I don't even know!

2008 was REALLY GR-8!!! But, here's to a 2009 that's 1000 times more than "just fine"! (my PATHETIC attempt at rhyming!)

BUT - CONGRATULATIONS EVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He found out YESTERDAY that he got an internship at the Treasury Department in DC... and starts in 12 days! I am so proud of him! ... and I look forward to going to visit him soon :)

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