Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue Hill Mountain

One of my bestest (!) BYU friends (Nancy) started a list one summer of “things to do”. This list was made up of things that we always talked about doing, but when the free time came around, we could never remember what we had wanted to do! The list allowed for some pretty fun and crazy trips, weekend night adventures and just a lot of fun memories!

Well, I copied her idea and last year created my own list of things I wanted to do before moving from Boston. At that time I had no idea when it would be, but I knew I needed to get started on my list. It’s been awesome. I’ve sailed on the Charles River, ran the Big Lake ½ marathon, watched an outdoor movie on the Esplanade, rode a bike through the streets of Lexington and stopped for ice cream at Kimball Farms, and have seen many sights, hiked a few places, visited many places in the area, etc. etc. My list is dwinding very nicely.

I know my days in Boston are numbered and so I wanted to cross one more thing off the list this weekend. That was to hike Blue Hill mtn. Blue Hill is located just south of Boston (who knew a mtn would be within 15 min of the city??) and I had always heard of the great view when you got to the top! I had to do it.

The weather was rainy and chilly in the morning, but my roommate Xin had agreed to come with me and we met up with one of my friends from BYU (Emmy) who’s doing an internship in Boston this summer! When we got there, I discovered that there is a very pretty pond, kids playground and a beach area associated with it! If I had known that the past two summers I would have brought the kids here!

The weather at this point was just cloudy and perfect temp for hiking. The hike is just over 3 miles roundtrip, but it’s a lot of ups and downs. I forget, until times like this, how much I love being in nature… but not camping. I LOVE being outdoors all day and then going to the comforts of a warm meal, shower, and my bed ☺

Here are some pics from the hike:

It was great to catch up with Emmy
and hear how her first few weeks in Boston have been!
She’s such an amazing person!!

There was a cute bridge at the top that my roommate Xin and I took pictures around.

At the top, after just finishing a pretty steep climb, you then have to climb the observatory tower which is about another 50 steps to see over the tree line! It’s worth it, but man, my quads were crying for a rest! But, we got some great pics!

Here’s Xin at the bottom of the tower.
She has a knack for taking great pictures and
should be a photographer if she wasn’t a doctor!

Here's a pic of the city. Pretty awesome that we're
on a mountainand yet only a 15 min drive from the city!

This is a view south of the observatory… looking towards Providence, RI
And, finally, the pond. It was very, very pretty.

I was exhausted at the end, but very excited to have crossed yet another thing off my list!


Midwayedancer said...

Awesome idea. I should start a list too. Despite being from this area for most of my life, there are plenty of things I have never gotten around to doing.

Laura said...

Looks fun - say hi to Xin for me!

Cara, I went to Philly last weekend using the directions you gave me last year, and it was SO MUCH BETTER!!!! THANK YOU!!! I not only saved so much time, but also money from tolls. You're awesome.