Sunday, May 10, 2009

More pics of the FUN RACE!!

Here are some more pics I got from a friend today:
The post explaining the pictures is below it...

Katie & Shelly at pre-race pasta party

Jessica - The Organizer of "Team Sweetfeet!"
She could have run the race faster than all of us but she was injured. Nothing was going to stop her from waking up at 4 AM to come cheer us all on! Without her, I would never have run the race! Thanks Jessica... and Janae too!
Me!! Approaching the last .1 mile marker
ME AGAIN!! I can SEE the finish line! Happy, happy day!
Team Sweetfeet... minus a few people
(like Me who's probably off eating ice cream! YUM!)

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Unknown said...

such a proud accomplishment. way to go!! xo