Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Resignation.... It's now official!

Scary. But, I just did it! Required a huge leap of FAITH... which I feel is very strong at times and weak at others. But, I'm trying to keep it strong!

I just resigned from my school counseling position with the Burlington Public Schools 10 minutes ago.... and am doing so not with a full-time job confirmed yet in the DC area! Crazy? Yes, I would say so. Especially in this economy!! But, this has been a matter of thought, prayer, fasting and many, many discussions with friends and family and I truly feel like things will work out (well, most of the time I feel that way :). I wish I could see the end from the beginning because that would have made this SO much easier, but I realize life isn't that way! Now, I am really putting my #1 song to the test (What if it all goes right? What if it all works out?... listen to the first song on my blog playlist!)

So, here we go... embarking on new territory and testing my faith. I do know it's time for me to move on from Boston and there have been so many tiny (and big) clues letting me know that, but it's difficult when you're giving up job security with a job you really like! And, for me change is always scary... BUT, here's to my leap of FAITH!

P.S.. On top of all that has happened with my family in the past week with my grandfather's passing, my computer crashed the same day as well as my Saab being diagnosed with a terminally fatal illness without major surgery. So, HERE'S a HUGE THANK YOU to my mom who enabled my car to get back to Boston (and is currently undergoing surgery at this minute) and to the APPLE STORE guy (Matt: who by the way I have fallen in LOVE with!) He saved me over $1000 by fixing my computer for free, upgrading the software for free AND provided me with a few much needed laughs while he did so :) We also had some good discussion about Mormons and weddings since his best-friend is a Mormon and Matt was the best man in his wedding! If it would have been proper, and he wouldn't have thought I was absolutely CRAZY, I would have leaped across the counter to give him a hug when he finished with my computer! These two people brought much needed and appreciated blessings into my life in the past few days!! 


Maylene said...

Wow! That's pretty exciting. I hope you are doing ok this week with everything :) I need to call you this weekend.

Midwayedancer said...

Wow! That's exciting.

Emma said...

Wow! Good for you - I hope everything works out well for you - which I'm sure it will!

Sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. How special for you to have had him close these last couple of years.

michelle said...

Cara you are amazing. I seriously think you are an incredible person. That is scary but if you feel it is right, it will work out...and maybe not in the way you expect. Life is an adventure and the best things come from taking risks!