Saturday, December 19, 2009

A curse from Old Mr. Winter? When will my heart change?! Not in the near future!!!

I feel like I am cursed or that Old Mr. Winter is following me everywhere I go and will not leave me alone until I change my "heart" and actually enjoy the winter, especially SNOW. I feel like I am Scrouge in "The Christmas Carol." In "winter past", I have fond memories of snow storms when I was young and carefree. All it meant then was days off of school, hot chocolate with my family and sledding in our yard.

But, then in "winter present", Boston killed all joy I ever felt about snow. I have nightmares about panic attacks on finding a parking spot on the "odd" side of the street so my car didn't get towed, and then after the storm making sure my car was cleared off within 24 hours or else it would be towed, or finding parking spots days and weeks after a storm because the roads were too narrow and there was never parking to be found. Or, even just the winters in general. The brutal cold and harsh wind that just went through you to your core and never left! Or, what about those many bedrooms I had where I would have frozen all winter long except for the saving grace of space heaters? Yep - I'll admit it. There were many times in Boston where I was Scrouge because of a winter storm that blanketed the ground with ice and snow.

Well, Old Mr. Winter, I REALLY am trying to change my attitude! I thought by coming to DC and having less harsh winters, I could one day embrace the joy I felt as a child in enjoying snow! But, when you start off a winter with a RECORD breaking snowstorm that entirely shuts the city down, it's hard to start feeling that "love for the snow" again! However, my mom did point out to me that I don't have to worry about parking spots, tickets, being towed, etc. And, she's right. That is a wonderful thing. Now, I just need to embrace the idea of enjoying shoveling!!

The ONE thing I do give Boston credit for is its ability to clear the streets during and after a storm. This is something that VA struggles with BIG TIME.

So, trying to change my thoughts and feelings about snow. It is pretty when you look at it from the inside out... but I might feel differently about that in a bit when I have to go out and shovel out my car for the 2nd time today :)

What will "snow future" look like for me? Gosh, I hope and pray it's different than it looks like today :)

Pictures will be posted tomorrow when I get back to my "other house" ...

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HaH said...

I can not believe how much snow you guys are getting. I totally got out of DC just in time. And seriousy, not to rub salt in the wound, but last winter in DC was soooo amazingly warm and snow free. In fact, I think it might have 'snowed' once, and that was more like a little flurry action.

Sorry you guys are getting pounded, but it really is better than the Boston winters. It'll warm up soon enough.