Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures from storm

As you will read in my post from yesterday, we got some snow in DC. Some snow... Ok, yes, it was a significant amount. 2 feet or so. It is pretty when it falls, but I still haven't developed that loving relationship with it yet :) The pics promised from this post are below.

But, I just remain in SHOCK that school and gov't are canceled tomorrow. I drove here, there and everywhere today. The roads improved and can totally support traffic. If this was Boston we wouldn't even have a two hour delay. People just keep going with their lives. But, here? It's crazy!

LIFE completely STOPS!

I could go insane and stir crazy
if this happened frequently.

Buck up people.
Life needs to move on!!!

May we all be a little more "hardy"
like our friends up north
and out west
is my holiday wish this year!

About mid-day Saturday... but it just kept
going for 24 hours straight!

The street. People were out walking in it all day!
No cars, of course, so you just stroll down!
About 9 at night... another two inches fell after that.
A view of my front door and our neighbors holiday lights....
Ok, I'll give it to you, it's kind of pretty :)

But, I'll refrain from mentioning how sore
my arms and back (oh - and those quads)
from shoveling!!!!!!!!!!!

(or, maybe I'll just mention it :)

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