Monday, January 4, 2010

New way to approach goal-setting

So, I really love people who think outside the box and share their thoughts with others :)

I don't think I do it very often, so when someone says something to me that seems BRILLIANT, I am so GRATEFUL!

This happened in a class at my new ward on Sunday. The teacher was giving a lesson on setting and achieving goals. (a pretty typical topic for this time of year... and one lesson I have heard many times!) But, she made a point of saying: "Okay - many of us have evaluated our lives this past week and have set goals. Many of us have also broken those goals already or are afraid we're going to fail in the long-run." So, then she proceeded to explain how you take your long-term goal, but break it down day by day or week by week. What SMALL thing can you do today to get one step closer to your final goal!


What one thing can I accomplish this week,
or this day to get closer to meeting my goal
or changing some habit, etc.

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Midwayedancer said...

Yeah I read an article that said a similar thing and it was also an AHA moment. The article was based on organization and it was like, take one basket or one drawer or one shelf and organize it each day and at the end of the month you have organized thirty things. Wow!