Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Apartment - finally have a HOME again!

Well, I just have to blog about how GRATEFUL I am for my new HOME. Yes, it finally feels like I have a place I can call "home" here in DC.

I have been thinking a bit about that word these past few days because my feelings about my new place are so drastic (literally, I could cry about how much I love it and how comforting it is) from my last apartment where I lived for 4 months.

What makes something a "Home"? Or, what makes something feel like a "Home"? Since June, I have also been living with the family I nanny for (or, I have a room there with 1/4 of all my stuff!) Technically, it meets the requirements of a real "home" and they are a wonderful and generous family. But, I could never call it "My Home." So, I was excited to move at the end of August into a townhouse in Arlington (called Fairlington). Life there was like living in the movie "Pleasantville." Ha, seriously - NOT JOKING! Everything looks the same (all streets and all houses). People walk their dogs and nothing bad ever happens (right!)

But, it was about a month before I ever slept there. Nothing about it ever really felt like "Home" to me even though I really, really tried. I've been thinking about why. My roommates are nice (knew one from Boston). But, I never even really unpacked my things. I think the place (and def. my room) were too small (seemed like a large closet to me). The kitchen was very tiny and I just felt like I had no where to put my stuff, so why unpack it?! It was also just missing... something. Not a tangible thing... but something I could not quite put my finger on... until NOW.

I rarely slept there... ever. It was basically a place to go when I felt like the family I also lived with needed some family time (or I needed some quiet time!)

I NEVER REALIZED how much my feelings would change when I moved into my new place. It was a little bit of a drama over the past few weeks. I had decided to move into another place, sold my contract, but then backed out of that other place for a few reasons. Technically, this left me literally "homeless" again, BUT I was amazed at how peaceful I felt about it. I know everything would work out somehow... even though I could NOT see the end from where I was (and that USUALLY scares the bejeebees out of me!)

But, the LORD has truly blessed me. Through a random series of events, I have moved into a new apartment complex with one other girl who seems to be REALLY great! I have a BEAUTIFUL room three times the size of my last, 2 closets with full length mirrors (!!! never had that before!) and my own bathroom. I am teary just thinking about how grateful I am to live here as I look around my new room!

My move was at a VERY UNIDEAL time. Many friends were out of town and I had to move on the night of the 31st (in between rain storms!)!! Ha, ha. What a way to ring in the new year. But, it worked out and the Lord has blessed me immensely! More than I could ever say, but can proudly bear testimony of - THAT HE is aware of me individually and answers my prayers and opens doors when everything seems closed.

HE also has blessed me with an ANGEL mother who was here with me for the entire thing and has helped me become settled in my new "Home".

So, no conclusion on what makes one place feel like a "home" and what doesn't. But, I think of a scripture (D&C 88:119) where it says to "organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God." Even though this is also talking about the temple, I feel like this new "house" will be many of those things for me and I am SO GRATEFUL
for that!



jenni said...

I am SO happy you have a HOME!!! You are incredible, and I appreciate you sharing your experience. HE will continue to take care of you time and time again... While I'm sad you're not in the ward any more, I am SO glad we're friends as a result of your previous landing and now we can still be friends! I love this scenario! Welcome HOME, Cara!!! :)

Maylene said...

When are you going to take some fun pictures of your place! I'm excited you love your new home.