Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A gift of time... and I complain about it?! Makes no SENSE!

Keeping things in perspective.

So, as many of you know, one of the reasons I was SOOOO ready to move from Boston was because of the snow! I am not a huge fan of shoveling, or winter temps in general. I think it's pretty when it falls and I don't have to go out, but usually you have to go out at some point and clear it away. Then it just becomes a nuisance as you drive in ice and slush and get your clothes all muddy and it turns dirty.

Well, for any of you who have watched the news you'll know DC has now gotten it's 3rd (NOTE 3RD) Blizzard of the winter and the 2nd (NOTE 2nd) in FOUR DAYS!! Fortunately I missed the first one on Saturday because I was in Albuquerque for Evan's wedding (post to come) but we got two feet of snow with that storm and one foot with this storm. But, it's the WIND that kills you. Gusts above 35 mph and blowing snow. NOT FUN! I don't mind driving in snow, but the winds make it impossible.

So, in DC, we have school off all week. Everyone does. Federal Government closed all week. CITY shuts down. We've done the outside snow things.... sledding, snow angels, etc. Because it's so cold, I took the kids to a paint your own pottery place yesterday, but today with the wind you can't go anywhere or be outside for long. Tomorrow we'll go out again though. Can't stay home for too long!

But, as much as I complain when I storm is on the way, this article made me stop and first, laugh, and then think about how nice it is to be FORCED to slow down your life. Relax, spend time with family, read, etc.

Here it is. I only cut and pasted some of her tips for us easterners!!:
Laura Lorson

Some advice for you folks in the mid-Atlantic on snowstorms: You can trust me; I live in the Midwest. We get phenomenal amounts of snow pretty regularly ... though I could see where you might not know that, because we have to get, like, apocalyptic amounts of ice before anyone on The Weather Channel bothers to point it out.

So anyway, here are my rules for a safe, healthy, happy snow experience.

1. Chopping up your furniture for fuel goes a lot more smoothly if you keep your axes nice and sharp.

2. Do not pay more than $50 for a loaf of black-market Wonder Bread.(Cara's comment: the stores in the area have been CLEANED OUT!!)

3. There's more food in your house than you think. Search the junk drawers — there are often stale Gummi bears and Lemonhead candies.(Cara's comment: Yes, I have found this to be true)

4. Keep a sense of perspective. Running out of Chai Latte K-Cups is not worth a call to 911.(Cara's comment:Ha, ha!!)

5. To clear your driveway of heavy snow and ice, get married. (Cara's comment: This will be essential if I ever move north again or to the mid-west!)

6. (Cara's comment:I like this one best of all) Enjoy it. Stay home; stay safe; make soup; read a book. Make snow angels. Learn what we already know here in the Midwest — you can think of snow as an annoyance, or accept it for what it is a gift of time. Time with your family, time with your thoughts, time to be thankful for shelter and warmth and hot chocolate. Take the gift; enjoy it; use it well.

Cara's comment : It's time for me to change my perspective!!


Midwayedancer said...

Great post! I was having similar feelings but then I was thinking how I've been complaining I never have time to organize closets, etc, and here I am at home now with hours on my hands. I need to roll with it!

jenni said...

Love it. I listened to the "tips" on "All things considered"--- My favorite is the last-- great perspective to keep. Looking forward to seeing your NM pictures! :)

Emma said...

Oooh, I like that. I'm needing a little more family time with hubby stranded at home, could you send some of that snow our way please???