Friday, February 19, 2010

Never say never... and POWERFUL LESSON for me

But, since it already happened today here we go:

(or hit by a car at all when not in the street)

But, yes, it happened today. I am still in shock so I had to blog about it.

I was coming out of the Library with the little boy I watch. THANK GOODNESS he was walking slowly looking at his book.... but still only a few feet behind. I had just received a text from his mom and was replying to her while waiting for Jeremiah... when SMACK. I only saw the car when it was 6 inches from me and had no time to react. I am a terrible judge of how fast she was going... but maybe 15-20 miles an hour or more. She hit me on my right side, mostly right on my knee. I tried to step forward to stop my fall, but somehow spun around and landed pretty hard on my bottom and side. Fortunately she stopped in time and didn't run me over.

I was just in shock. Getting up, I looked up and saw that I KNEW her (she's a nanny of a friend of Jeremiah's!!!) as she was getting out of the car. I had no words to share besides: "What the heck" (yes, I am glad I didn't accidentally curse. It makes me happy to know that was not my instinctive reaction when I wasn't thinking clearly!) I then remember making sure I had my balance and just looked down at the ground, watching my footing on the snow/ice as I went back to Jeremiah who didn't know what to do as he just stood there!

I remember knowing I wasn't in too much pain and that I just wanted her to leave. People were staring, asking if I was OK, but I was determined to just walk with Jeremiah back into the library and let them all go away. I just kept saying, "I'm fine, I'm fine" and took Jeremiah's hand. They all left and we walked inside.

I do have a LARGE bruise on my right leg, but it's not painful. However, somehow during my spin and fall on the ground, I did some good damage to a muscle on my left leg that has progressively gotten worse tonight. Other than that, I am fine. And, surprisingly for me, I am not mad. Here's why.

POWERFUL lessons learned by me.

As the nanny was getting out of her car she kept repeating, "I am so sorry. I was distracted by the kids in the back and I turned to say something to them." (NOT only had she crossed into the other lane of traffic, but I was standing on the curb at the intersection!)

The reason why I am not mad is that accidents happen (not ideal, but also a blessing because I know it could have been A LOT worse)... but also, her being distracted by the kids and turning to look at them is something I'm very guilty of. I COULD have been in her position. I could have hit someone and caused even more damage.

I have even thought to myself before this incident today that I have taken cars and driving for granted... but the thought never really changed my behavior. I know I am an aggressive driver, but I do think I am a safe driver... most of the time. Because I've never been in a very serious accident I somehow think I am immune to this or anything that can happen behind the wheel of a very powerful car. And, I have slacked in some areas. I am also guilty of being distracted by the kids and trying to manage them while driving.

As Jeremiah and I walked home, I said a prayer thanking the Lord that I wasn't more injured and that he was totally fine. No, I am not happy to be in pain when I walk but I have faith that it will heal in time.

But it was a powerful lesson for me and I know I will not forget it any time soon....
hopefully never.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're ok! That is crazy!

Jen said...

SO glad that you are okay Cara. Yours was the second "car accident" blog post that I've read this morning. Sounds like something that you will never forget. So glad that you were able to walk away from it. . . I don't want to imagine how bad it could have been.

Sarah said...

Dang, I am glad you are alright for the most part. Go get checked out though by a chiropractor or something (that lady better pay up). Makes me think twice about turning around to the kids while driving. (I usually ignore their distractions)

Maylene said...

Yikes! I'm glad that you are mostly ok. That must have been scary.