Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Persistence WORKS! And, I am OFFICIALLY AMAZING!!!

So, ever since I joined this blogging world many moons ago it has been a trial and error (mostly error) learning experience on how to post things. I got the basics down... and that took a while!

How some of you have cute blocks of pictures, graphics, and side applications, etc. I still have NO idea!

A miracle occurred in my life tonight
and I've conquered one more step in the blogging world!
(hence making me officially

I added a Youtube Video!!
(see post below... and enjoy because
that is there ONLY by a miracle!)

Now, I know some of you are laughing
because of the silliness of my
over this feat

but you just have NO IDEA!
I've tried so many, many times and
ended up frustrated each time.

this time I didn't give up!

Persistence works!!!

and, I am AWESOME!!!

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Mary Louise said...

Couldn't agree more!!!!