Monday, May 3, 2010

Just dump and forget.

Just dump and forget.
My new motto and a blog that will change my life!

So, I hate to cook. No, really, I do. It's in my top five things I "try to avoid at all costs" list.

Now, from time to time, I do like making desserts... or at least ones that are not too complicated. (What does this say about my sweet tooth?!) But, my patience for anything else is comparable to a two year old being asked to wait to eat a piece of candy sitting in front of them. I have no patience for it.

For measuring, stirring, letting it rise, mixing 200 times till my hand falls off, waiting for it to do something so I can complete the next step in the process of making it, cutting, cleaning up pots, pans, mixing bowls, measuring spoons... waiting for the next step, or waiting for it to cook... are just TOTAL turnoffs for me. The TIME I feel that is wasted for something that will be consumed in about 5 minutes and usually just consumed by me... has led me to have the microwave become my best friend and my diet does not change very much at all! Am I bored with it, YES. But not enough desire to do anything drastic yet... like actually start cooking.

Now, lest you think I am totally lazy, I have tried to change my attitude about cooking, and ever so often I get a moment of inspiration to cook. But that lasts for all of the time it makes to actually cook one meal. Then, all desire to cook is once again lost. I just gain no internal satisfaction from it, so, I think, why bother!

WELL, my roommate for the past two Sundays has MADE yummy, tasty meals in her crockpot and I have been so impressed. She dumps it all in and forgets about it for hours. Yes, there might be some initial mixing or cutting, but none of this waiting and making sure that something doesn't overcook while waiting for this other thing to cook, etc. (another terrible problem of mine!)
Just dump and forget!
And, you can do it at random times of the day and cook on different speeds!

So, here's the blog she gets her ideas from.

Who wants to come for dinner on Sunday? Did you know you can even make desserts in a crock-pot?? Where has this machine been all my life!!!

(yes, I know. Sitting on a shelf in the kitchen because I never bothered to figure out how to use it!)


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