Wednesday, June 16, 2010

29 Simple Secrets of Happy People ... need one more!

One of my favorite roommies gave me this book "100 Simple Secrets of Happy People" a few years back. I went through and pick out the ones I liked the most... there are 29. I'd like to have 30!! Please comment and add what you think it should be at the end!!

My 29 Simple Secrets of Happy People:
1. If you want to know if people are happy, don’t ask them how much money they have in the bank, ask them about their friends!
2. You’re life has meaning and purpose
3. Choose companions wisely
4. Cultivate friendships
5. Turn off the TV
6. Accept yourself-unconditionally
7. Are open to new ideas
8. Share with others how important they are to you
9. Don’t face problems on their own
10. Are not overprotective or overly worried
11. Do what they say they’re going to do
12. Are not aggressive with their friends and family… even if they are right!
13. Know what really matters in life
14. Little things (like the tone of your voice or the words you use) have big meanings!
15. Know that it’s not WHAT happened, it’s how you think about what happened
16. Share themselves… they don’t hold their feelings, thoughts or hopes inside
17. Don’t blame themselves
18. Never trade their morals for their goals
19. Get a good nights sleep
20. Accomplish one thing every day
21. Are flexible
22. Serve others
23. Smile a lot and are agreeable
24. Don’t forget to have fun and reminisce
25. Give themselves time to adapt to change
26. Need to feel needed
27. Say “So What” when necessary
28. Have a Purpose
30. … hmmm…. What do you think has been left off the list?!

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Sarah said...

Cara! I loved this. I'd say a good #30 would be:
they spread joy to those around them.