Sunday, June 6, 2010

A special day :)

Today was a very, very special day.

Not only have I been hearing about the events of today for the past three weeks, but I just can't even believe that this little boy that I have known since birth graduated from preschool! Where have the past 4.5 years gone?! It was a happy celebration today, of course, but a little sad too as I realize how precious time is and how quickly it can pass us by!

Well, my little buddy graduated today with FULL HONORS :) He is such a smart, funny and gentle little boy. He blows me away with how curious he is, how he is able to put information he is learning together, and his determination. He makes the most random comments, hilarious at times, but very intelligent at other times! He wants to be just like his big brother and sister and gets frustrated when he realizes his limitations because of age and size. He doesn't know the meaning of the words "use indoor voices" and loves to talk, talk, talk! However, around new people he gets so shy that sometimes others don't get to enjoy the experience of getting to know the REAL Jeremiah! He's got the funniest giggle, the cutest smile that will light up your day, and so much energy, optimism and enthusiasm! He's got a HUGE sweet tooth (like me) and loves going to Target with me because he knows he'll always get his blue frostee treat before we shop! He also has these gorgeous blue eyes and dark, long eyelashes that women pay tons of money for! He's stolen my heart... and I am sure will steal the hearts of many girls in the future!

But, today was his special day. The day, as Jeremiah has been telling me for weeks, you get to eat CAKE BEFORE DINNER and have TWO parties!!! Needless to say, he was beyond excited!

Well, it just so happened that today was GORGEOUS until about 15 minutes before the scheduled graduation when a TORNADO warning was posted and storms quickly rolled in. Hence, a very expedited graduation ceremony.

Few quick words by his teachers followed by the children gathering in a circle to sing the song they sang every morning to start off the day as a class. (He's in the black shirt right next to his teacher who has such a lovely British accent!)

Then, it was the famous diploma awards ceremony.
The kids climbed up into the tree house.
When their name was called they got their diploma,
ran down over the rickety bridge and down the slide.
And, of course, a picture with a proud mother
and her preschool graduate!
And, then it started chucking it down! Rain, thunder, strong wind and lightning! What a scene. Cake was still to be had. It was just a little damp and eaten inside :) Then... of to the graduation parties with lots of juice boxes and goldfish, I'm sure!!!

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Emma said...

How lucky little Jeremiah is to have you in his life - I can just tell how much you care for him through your posts.
I love the slide idea when they receive their diploma! I wish i would have thought of that for my backyard preschool co-op graduation last week!