Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little family time

The first weekend in June my two brothers and their families came in to town. 

It was fabulous!

Not only because I didn't have to travel to see them :) but just to have us all together once again! And, we had fun! The beautiful weather helped as well. 

Evan, Madison and Holland had their Friday evening flight from Boston canceled because of the storms, so we all met up on Saturday morning and our first stop was the zoo! I was excited to see my nephews and little Holland again (who's adorable!) 

Holland and I at the elephants!
Madison kept trying to tie her hat on 
but Holland refused and always pulled it right off
So we kept her mostly in her stroller in the shade. 
She's such a happy, happy baby! 
And, she sure does love her bottle!
Becca, Justin and Jace
Madison and Holland!
Becca had a book event at the Arlington Public Library, so she and I left everyone at the zoo and went over to the Central Library. I was shocked as to how many people were there and to hear that some had come all the way from New York and New Jersey! I felt like such a celebrity because I was her sister-in-law! I had also never seen Becca do a book event before, so it was cool to see her presentation and hear more about her writing. For someone who used to dislike public speaking, she has an amazing talent for it!
After the book event, I went back to meet up with everyone at the airport park. They had a picnic and were throwing Frisbees around. Madison and I just chilled with Holland on the grass and chatted :)

It was such a beautiful day so we decided to take everyone swimming back at my complex. Becca returned from her book event with cupcakes, so they were enjoyed by all.
 On Saturday evening, I volunteered to watch my nephews and niece while the parents went to dinner. Holland loved being around her cousins... even though she was SO tired and needed to take a nap! She just wanted to stay up and pay with them. I made pizza for dinner and basically the boys just wanted to watch TV since we had them on the go all day long. ... so I got my forever fill of Power Rangers and what ever else they thought was cool!

On Sunday morning, we all met up again and decided to walk around the monuments. Fortunately it wasn't too hot and humid. It was just fun to all be together!

It was SUCH a great weekend and I am so grateful for my brothers, their wives and their families! I look forward to future family reunions!!

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