Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day weekend fun!

As my previous post indicated, for part of Labor day weekend I went to Nantucket, closed out their house, and took their car across ocean to the main land. I kind of volunteered to drive their car back because it gave me two days "off" from the kids and I knew I could stop and spend some time with my dad on my drive back. 

So, Friday night I traveled from Hyannis to Westerly and spent Friday night/Saturday with my dad and step-mom. Nothing too exciting... usually just very relaxing and this time didn't disappoint! 

I left their house on Sunday to begin my drive back to DC... but my friend Meradyth had come north to visit her friend from high school in New Haven, CT, so I stopped and checked out the Yale singles ward with her! Nothing too much to report there... BUT, after church we walked out and took this picture. The sign was placed so perfectly and I think the picture turned out well!

Mer posted it on Facebook with some message about starting her first year of undergrad... (she's my age and went to U of U... and graduated) but anyway... it was funny...

BUT, the funnier thing was that so MANY people believed that she was truly going to Yale and starting her undergrad program there! Ha ha!! Go Bulldogs :) She'll have a fabulous freshman year!

After church I drove back to DC. There were some major storms along the way but fortunately.... NO traffic jams! I made it in a sweet 5 hours or so!! It's a long drive no matter when you do it, but I was glad to really make good time!

On Monday, as one of the month-long celebrations for Mer's b-day, she, Miranda and I went hiking in Great Falls! It was so dang humid, but I am glad we did it. Very nice to be out in nature and fun time to just chat with them.

The falls are really pretty. We were on the VA side. The other side is MD!
 Just so pretty and calm and parts and then filled with rapids and rocks at others!

Happy Labor day and Happy Birth Month Meradyth!!

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