Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Say Yes to Love"

I was introduced to this video this week 
and it made me so happy I started to cry! 

There is SOOOOOO much LOVE in it! 

From the proposal to ALL of their friends and family
near and far
participating in it!

And the song they sing has such a wonderful, but simple, message.

The refrain goes:
It was the best day of my life
‘Cause ever since you everything’s right
Yea, the best days of my life are all ahead
‘Cause we both said yes to love
Yes to love, yes to love, yes to love,
The best day

Just Wow!

What a great example for all of us. 

It makes me think...
I try and fill my life with many good good things
Many, many, tangible good things


In the end 
(aside from our Relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ)
All that matters is our relationships with 
our husband/wife
extended family
and all those we come in contact with who touch our hearts

The rest if just "stuff"

So, one of my new "focuses" or goals for 2013
is to say


And, if you liked the video above
they just made this one for Valentines Day 2013
Just as AWESOME!

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Unknown said...

loved the video! great one!