Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Jill!

This weekend was really fun. Some outlet shopping, a movie ("The Impossible"... really, really good - but OH man... It made me cry!), dinner with friends and a really fun birthday party!

Celebrating Jill!
She's also a 1980's baby :)

 Her favorite color is blue... almost ALL the food was blue or dyed blue
This cake was made from scratch... white chocolate with blue frosting. 
White Chocolate anything is YUM!
 The Beautiful Birthday Girl
Wearing Blue, of course!
 I like this picture of me... so I posted it. I really liked my outfit...
Call me vain... I don't care! It's so infrequent that I actually take thought in to
what I wear... so this was a big step for me. I even accessorized!
 Jared, Jay & Jill
The J's!
 Amelia & Jill
 Jared & Jill
Jared must be looking at the yummy cake on the counter!
 Lots of fire :)
 Jill& I

Such a fun night with good friends, blue food, and lots of laughs

I also wanted to post a few pictures from my last morning in CO. I was up early and took pictures out their backdoor. It was so pretty. SO COLD though. You can kind of see the steam coming off the lakes behind them. But, I miss the views... CO is gorgeous! I'll defend the east for it's history and culture till the day I die, but UT and CO win hands down for beauty!

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