Sunday, March 30, 2014

Past couple of months

Well, the first quarter of 2014 is over. It's been an interesting one. One filled with many good things and fun times, one filled with lots of cold weather and snow (but snow days too!), and one amazing trip out to UT for a week. Here are the highlights!

I had the privilege of taking one of my most favorite people out to lunch on her birthday! Miriam is one of the kindest, thoughtful and fun people I know. An angel on earth. I hope this neat year for her is filled with happiness and joy!!

Our waiter took this picture... I think he was a little nervous and shaky b/c we were just so beautiful to look at! (that's why it was blurry) ha ha :)
 One of my goals was to run the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon in March. I had never run on any of the downtown trails, through Rock Creek park, or over any of the bridges before... and now I can say that I have! It was a beautiful morning. We really lucked out because two days later it was snowing! There were a gazillion people there, my phone died on my 30 minutes in to the race, I wasn't feeling my strongest and was just praying that I didn't injure my foot again... but given all that I finished 2 minutes slower than I would have hoped!
 It was fun to have bands playing at most mile markers and the crowds were great too! It was a well organized and fun race! We got there about 30 min early though and were freezing!!
 I have run the past two races with Amanda by my side and I am so grateful for her calmness, clear head and race strategies/suggestions! She is amazing and such a great athlete and friend! Lindy was also there and she is a great example to me of someone who puts her whole heart in what she's doing and goes forward despite trials, etc. She is amazing!
 I had to stop and take this picture as we crossed one of the bridges. The sunrise was beautiful!
 A week later, I headed to UT!! This trip started out as something completely different and transformed itself many times the two or three weeks before I went. Then, on the day of departure, I lost my license and missed my flight because of traffic. It was NUTS. But, I felt peaceful about lessons learned and trued HF had a plan for me! I went to the DMV Sat am, got a new license and then just as I was leaving for my flight that day, I found my old one. What?!

Anyway, UT was amazing. As soon as I landed I felt like I was home. The mountains, the sunshine, the clear skies where I could see parts of the valley... loved it all.

I had a LOT of fun reconnecting with Boston, BYU, Philly and DC friends. Literally seeing people from all ages of my life. It was such a great reunion time for me and helped me remember how truly blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life.

One of my favorite spots is BYU where I went twice last week. Many changes to the buildings and structures, but the same Cougar pride, beauty and peace exist on campus!
 This was a rainbow I saw on my evening drive down to BYU on Thursday. It gave me hope and brightened my spirits as I have also been contemplating a lot of major decisions and "next steps" in my life. Just a gentle reminder that I am a daughter of God... that he knows me... and that he is in the details of my life. Trust.
 This is Cosmo and I. It was love at first sight!! BYU has this new student lounge area (kind of looks like a bar scene!) But, Cosmo is there too and I had to get my picture taken! Of course the BYU Grounds truck is in the back... ha ha... so perfect. Those trucks seem to be everywhere, but that's what helps keep BYU's campus looking so great!
 And of course a highlight of the trip, seeing Erica, Emma and Julie. Wow - these girls got me through middle and high school! Such a great reunion!!
I had a wonderful trip. 
We'll see what the future brings!

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Laura said...

It was so fun to see you - thanks again for coming over!