Friday, January 24, 2014

Route 1 (aka... Pacific Coast Highway... or maybe also called one of the most beautiful places on the earth!)

The night before I had driven from the airport to Stanford (beautiful campus) and then to Santa Cruz where I spent the night. Then, in the morning I drove down to Monterey and started my drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Yet again, a GORGEOUS day!

I started at 17 mile drive, which is also known as Pebble Beach. Wow. Wow. People actually live in there. I could handle that! I would stop at basically every turnoff and just get out and take pictures. So pretty!
These aren't all in order of how I took them, but it gives the gist.
 One gorgeous view after another!
I went from 17 mile drive to Carmel-by-the-Sea and walked around the cute, historic town. Definitely a beach town, but the shops were fun to browse.

Form there I drove down an area called "The Big Sur". Not sure exactly where it starts or where it specifically ends. But, there some really pretty places to stop and take pictures. One place had a little hike you could take to see a view. There were tiny, tiny towns to stop (literally just one of two buildings and places to camp). Mostly you just followed the winding road!

The two below are some of my favorites. 
The bright colors were captured so well!

One of my favorite sounds is hearing the waves crash against the shore and I definitely got to hear plenty of that on my trip!
The one below was a picture from one of the "short hikes" I went on from the road. The waterfall made it worth it!
It was a fantastic drive and I would recommend it to anyone. It would be a romantic drive too... if you could do it with someone special. :) A great way to end my trip and left me with a strong desire to return soon!


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Drew and Jenny said...

looks like so much fun! It's been on my dream list forever to bike tour route day...